Compilation of Rings

This is a listing of every Ring thought of and put to submissions here at Strolens. For a far better solution to finding what your looking for.


This listing is of every ring I could find on the submission site. If I see more I will add them, or hopefully when someone places a new ring submission up they will have the curtesy to place it up here so everyone can have an easy time in locating everthing related to rings.

From traditional rings, to nose and toe rings this codec will have them all. There are also plots listed that revolve around the use of rings.

Right now there are 34 rings listed in this codex. I apologize for the size, but it is definately complete.

I had hoped this would be updated by others. I will do a search to update this in the next day or two.


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Ring of Fire By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Magical

The Ring of Fire is an ancient artifact that possess great power over fire, according to the legends. It has passed from the fingers of heroes to the finger of heroes many time over the ages. It is a pity the bards don't record the annoying details of this item, another Legacy of Corvus.

Vaivin's Stinking Ring By: Pieh
Items • Jewelry • Magical

'You shall never catch anything but a whiff of me!' Vaivin yelled, as he ran down the dark tunnel being chased by giant rats. All of a sudden he was gone and all that remained was a cloud of gas.

Ring of Wit By: gash
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

Technically, this would be the ring of DIM-wit...

Ring of Nobody By: cmagoun2
Items • Jewelry • Magical

A magical ring that makes you... huh, was I talking to someone?

The Sinking Ring of Ku Pum By: CaptainPenguin
Items • Jewelry • Magical

Ku Pum, the Sorceror of Trum Pku, was struck by a strange need, and in his need he sought out the aid of Stone Bell, a Spirit of caves and underground places...

Chimeric Ring By: Scrasamax
Items • Jewelry • Magical

The chimera is a trifold beast, and the Chimeric ring likewise is a trifold item, both magical, and cursed.

Bloodmail By: Railus
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

...The rubies seemed to withdraw into the ring and then into his flesh. The man howled in pain, two small holes were the only reminder the rubies existed, but he could feel them still.

Fate By: Railus
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

...The ring slid onto her finger as if it were lovingly crafted just for her. Its diamond seemed to take in the sunlight, amplify and reflect it in every direction. Then almost immediately, the light waned and the stone went dark. Her throat clutched in a constricting gurgle before she slumped to the ground, still and lifeless.

Spathi's Ring of Elusion By: Siren no Orakio
Items • Jewelry • Magical

A coward's ring, Spathi's Ring of Elusion allows the magi wearing it easy escape from battle, and a parting shot to be remembered by at the same time.

Four Rings By: Kinslayer
Items • Jewelry • Magical

This is a quartet of low-magic rings that can be used separately or as a set.

Agony By: Railus
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

...The light reflected off its pale green surface, glinting off what seemed to be veins coursing through the stone. A curious ring, just lying there as if asking to be found…

Retirement Plan Ring By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

Being alligned with Evil does tend to make the afterlife a little less appealing. Unless one can somehow claw their way up the heirarchy immediately, one should be looking towards a long, long, long, time of torture and servitude to greater spirits, before any chance of reincarnation will occur. One of the first things Smart Evil Cultists and Priests learn is how to avoid final death.

Ring of the Pure By: Pieh
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

"Wear this ring, My Student, and you will never perform another act of perversion and thus remain pure."

Band of Hadokk By: Mourngrymn
Items • Jewelry • Magical

My fellow councilor’s, the entire watch was assassinated by the Arch-Duke of Torr wanting to open up a hole in the defense of the city. His intent was obviously to try and make it easier for him to conquer us.

But ser, how do we know for sure that you are right in your assumptions? After all you just recently arrived to the city and were unaware of the murders until we spoke of it here.

Ser! That is because I am a genius and you are not.

- Ser Marcus Hadokk, self proclaimed genius.

The Bands of Heartstone By: Mourngrymn
Items • Jewelry • Magical

The stone and I have the same desires,
Day in, day out.
We want by each other to be sought,
And we want to embrace each other taut.
The stone and I have the same desires,
Day in, day out.

An often misunderstood poem of the Heartstone rings.

Ring of Stonekin By: Mourngrymn
Items • Jewelry • Magical

“To what extent in war when killing the enemy is not enough? When the way you kill is considered for the better, yet seems wrong and bound to threaten the souls of those responsible with damnation? When you kill your enemy but use their spirits to infiltrate their old homes only to kill more of their kin. There is a saying, treat your friends and family with love, but treat your enemy with compassion.

What is left sacred, when humans can murder our kin and parade around in our homes looking like us? For that, let the mountains fall on their spirits and deny them passage to the Hidden Valley I tell you, there is no compassion in what they do. This is not war, it is mass murder. The Gods will cry before this is finished.”

Maugmura - General Elite of the Fifth Column of Stone

Ring of the Day By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Non-Magical

A Ring of the Day is fine piece of metal work. Worn on a necklace, rather than a finger, it is a way to measure the cycle of the day.

Ring of Stone By: manfred
Items • Jewelry • Magical

A powerful ring of many protective powers, which has its few downsides.

Ring of Iron By: manfred
Items • Jewelry • Magical

Looks to be a weak necromantic item.

Wolve's Revenge By: Strolen
Plots • Duty • Campaign

The ring he found in the entrails of the wolf that killed his father served him well. He would use it to avenge his fathers death. Those that sent him out to his death would pay.

Carpenter's Ring By: Strolen
Items • Tools • Magical

Made for a wealthy carpenter to ease his workload, those that have it can find other uses for it. Used to cut perfect holes in wood or create wood doll rods.

The Ring Of Life By: manfred
Items • Jewelry • Magical

The finest ring of them all, brings Life wherever it ends up. You may need its powers, but will you accept all that will be drawn to it?

Culbert's Wedding Band By: Erik
Items • Jewelry • Magical

Unfortunately for Culbert, his bride was more than he bargained for...

Rings of Sound Sleeping By: Caprin_Ternor
Items • Jewelry • Magical

Rings of great benefit, but also sizeable danger.

Band of the Revenant By: Shadoweagle
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

A curiously designed ring - but not uncommon. Similar in design to most traditional ‘magi-rings’, which often hold enchantments on them. But unlike those rings, this one may take quite a hold on you…

Aurinellian's Wedding Bands By: StrangeLands
Items • Jewelry • Magical

A pair of rings fashioned by the legendary Elven spellsmith Aurinellian. Powerful but subtle enchantments bring the happy couple closer together.

Horse Brass By: Scrasamax
Items • Other • Magical

Small bits of precious metal, and flawless jewels woven into the mane of a noble steed

Mermaid's Toe Ring By: Agar
Items • Jewelry • Magical

In case you get a sinking feeling, you can use this.

Ring of the Arch-Duke By: Scrasamax
Items • Jewelry • Campaign Defining

The Seven Lords of the Peninsulari each wore a magical signet ring identifying them as a sovereign lord.

The Troll Nose Ring By: Sentinel
Items • Jewelry • Non-Magical

A Nose Ring? Yep, a nose ring. The ancient symbol of power of the trolls and said to have magical abilities....

Rings of Consciousness By: maximo
Items • Jewelry • Magical

It can be dangerous trying to send someone a message. Spoken words may be overheard, written correspondence may be intercepted, and body language may be seen. Did you ever wish you could think the words and they would be known?

Binding Oath Ring By: Damp;Dnewbie
Items • Jewelry • Magical

Tired of people that just don't keep their word? Well, with a Binding Oath Ring, that'll be next to imposible.

Ring of Opposites By: Rylan DArten
Items • Jewelry • Magical

A curious ring, it seems to effect the sanity of a person when worn.

Ring of Justice By: GleepwurpTheEyebiter
Items • Jewelry • Heroic

The ring of justice is a good-aligned, intelligent item with a host of powers. It is also the phylactery of a powerful archlich...

Ring of Procrastination By: Cheka Man
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

It is a good looking ring. It is handsome and worth quite a bit.

A Class Ring By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

The ring was an item he was always wearing; innocuous enough that no one would question it. It became his perfect tool of power.

The Signet Ring of the House Malenti By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

The Signet Ring of the House Malenti (minor noble house) has more than a minor political power associated with it. It 'seals the soul' of any it touches (with intent).

Band of Rage By: Mourngrymn
Items • Jewelry • Combat

A family heirloom, worn by the son of a fisherman, that raised them out of squalor and into nobility. What is in a man’s heart that can not be corrupted? What can turn the untainted into rage? Pray to the God’s and you never know the outcome.

Ring of Disappearance By: valadaar
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

Ring of Disappearance

A useful item, but overuse can make one ... Disappear

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