Full Item Description

Fate is a rather lavish looking ring. A platinum band with emerald vine inlays; headed by a brilliant round diamond that would rival the jewels of most queens.


Fate is a ring of legend, talked about in stories but never seen. The Circle of Blood is a potent trio; three rings forged by a single mage, Railus Shadowhisper. Bloodmail, Agony, and Fate; all cursed because of a single act of betrayal.

Railus’ knowledge of magic was unrivaled, and his ability to channel his magic into rings remains legendary. Stories say the 3 rings were created as a gift to 3 apprentices of Railus when they took positions in the Mages Council. Many of his apprentices went on to take positions in the council, but never before had any of his apprentices taken seats on the council.

His apprentices; Gerarg, Kyrius, and Cyul, often came to him for advice and he happily gave it. Times were changing in Aeristi and Railus felt honored to have a part in the shaping of magic’s place in the world.

Fate was given to Cyul. She was more than an apprentice; she was the love of his life. Nothing could come of this love, however; an affair between master and apprentice would not be tolerated by the council. They could not stop him from giving her this token of affection, something more grand than the gifts he gave his other apprentices.
Towards the end of his days, Railus started experimenting with the forbidden magic, necromancy. He took to it like a fish to water and it sent a shiver down the spine of the council. His former apprentices were looked to in an effort to stop Railus, to lead a coup to take down the aging (yet still powerful) wizard.

The full council stormed his tower, lead by Kyrius. Railus was not caught off-guard and noticed the three of them still wore the rings he gave them so many years before. He thought this quite brash and foolish to wear such things he could alter, and to don them in his sanctum would prove costly.

Never again would they be able to remove the rings, and the powers that once came freely would cost them dearly. In the end they were dark gifts from a scorned master.

The rings have traveled through history, wreaking havoc on those foolish enough to wear them. It has been suggested that the only way to destroy them is to unite them at the site of Railus betrayal.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Fate bears a curse. If a female wears it, it can not be removed unless the finger is no longer attached to the hand. The diamond seems to amplify the light it takes in, sending it out even brighter in all directions. Once the ring is worn, this changes. The brilliance of the stone fades, leaving behind a stone so dark it seems that not even hope can penetrate it.
The ring slowly drains the life from its wearer. The green vines wane over time as the darkness of the stone begins to penetrate their lush green color until darkness is all that remains. If this happens, the wearers fate is sealed.
The wearer has one moon cycle to remove the ring before the curse is complete. During this time, they need to profess love to another and the curse is broken, but a mark is left on their soul. This could be as simple as letting a family member know how they feel or as complex as finding their true love. Either will work (it seems Railuss affection was not completely lost).

During this time the wearer is granted the gift of true sight, the ability to see things as they really are. Even magical illusions are penetrated by this gift in the hopes the wearer can find the way to break the curse.

Since time is ticking from the moment the ring is worn, the wearer no longer has the need to sleep or eat to sustain themselves. Nothing should impede them on their search.

Since the message may not be as crystal clear as the diamond once was, the wearer is contacted telepathically by those who failed in the past. The ring possesses small traces of every person who has worn it and they all make attempts to warn those who wear it.

If the moon cycle passes and the wearer has not completed their task, the ring transforms them into a creature that can cause pain with her very voice. The change happens suddenly and without notice, wracking the body with pain, draining the essence of life without mercy. All color drains from the body (eyes, hair and clothing included), and the skin tightens against bone. The poor woman undergoing this change lets out a wailing scream, an ominous precursor to what they will shortly become.

Once the color is drained and no semblance of life remains in the body, the ring falls to the ground; the diamond returning to its once brilliant state and the lush green color flowing through the vines. All that remains of the wearer is a frail shell of what she once was, pallid and cold to the touch. Her voice is now a potent weapon, the wail of a banshee.

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