The Ring of Fire is a magikal gold ring that allows the wearer great fire related abilities. It is a thick band with what appears to be a Celtic fire knot pattern around the outside and is always warm to the touch. It, of course, adjusts its size to the finger of anyone who puts it on.

The ring's main ability is to shoot firebolts. The ring stores X amount of fire a day, (renewed at dawn) which can be used for one massive bolt, or a dozen or so smaller ones. The ring protects the wearer from any fire or cold damage and can be used to deflect fire away from anyone or thing the wearer chooses. It also grants enhanced infravision and thermographic vision, allowing someone to track people and things by their body heat. There are other minor abilities that must be learned and activated by wearer.

Such a handy item has found its way to many an adventurer (or adventurer's kin). It has been mentioned in several bardic tales written over the last few hundred years. In fact one of the reasons it is such a sought after item is because so many famous adventurers have worn it at one time or another.

However, what the bards don't mention is the annoying little things that happen while wearing the ring. It will light any ready candle, lamp, torch, or some such fire, upon entering a room or area. Not always, but most of the time. This can be inconvient when sneaking about or when an adventuring friend pulls a torch from their backback and it lights before it even clears the pack. In addition, when the character leaves the room or area, some of the time, it will extinguish cold any candle, lamp, torch, or hearth fire. You can drink no cool or luke warm beverage or soup while wearing the ring. It magikally makes everything nice and hot. Sometimes food will be heated too, which can be bad if the food is to be eaten cold or ruined if heated. Your bed will always be warm while wearing it, even if it is a hot summer night. Some people have mastered the ring and have avoided such issues, but many find themselves handing the ring over to others to be rid of the thing.

This is an item created by Corvus. He created it to light hearth fires (the firebolts), allow him to poke at said fires without setting his robe on fire, keep his Klah and Bed warm, and extinguish the candles in a room without getting up or stopping to do it. He did not see the adventuring potential in the item. To him it was an every day thing. All of these effects are controlled by the position of the hand the ring is worn on when entering or exiting an area. If your hand is open when you enter an area, it will light the candles. If your hand is closed when you leave, it will extinguish. By tapping your chest, you can prevent it from making your consumable's hot. To stop bedwarming, your hand must be parrellel to the floor when you enter the room. Most people never figure these or any of the hand positions out, so the ring just randomly goes off.

Magical Properties:

Can generate 18d6 (or 18 small bow shots worth of damage) worth of firebolts a day. This can be released in a single bolt or in upto 18 different bolts.

It protects the wearer against all heat and cold damage. It will add protection equal to plate mail to anyone or thing the wearer wishes within line of sight.

It grants enhanced infravision and thermographic vision, allowing someone to track people and things by their body heat.

There are dozens of other heat/ flame related abilities that the ring could generate that a player might learn how to trigger, however, those should be set up to the GM's taste.

It also performs, accidently, several convient household functions, which the character might not be able to control. See write up.

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