Full Item Description
It is an antique gold ring from a minor noble house. It is a signet ring, used to press the house seal into hot wax sealing documents or showing their authenticity. It appears nothing more.

Long ago, one of the possessors of the ring worked with the Dark Powers to gain power. It is supposed to be the Third Duke, but that is not confirmed. The ring's properties have been (mis)used or ignored by his ancestors since then.

Magic/Cursed Properties
It 'seals the soul' of any it touches (with intent). What does this mean?

*) A soul is sealed to the body and can not leave. This prevents the soul from passing over upon death. This prevents the character from re-incarnating or becoming a ghost. The soul is trapped in the decaying form, eventually to go mad unless released. Sometimes in its madness it burst free from its decaying prison as a destructive spectre, a viscious non human spirit. If a character dies with this ring on, and has not promised their soul to the Dark Ones, they will be trapped in their body without release.

*) A given soul can be marked for ownership by the Dark Powers that brought the family to power. This mark fades with time, but if the character dies soon after being marked, their soul (unless claimed by another- i.e. the subject is actively religious) will travel to the realm of Dark Powers. A marked character will be detected as Evil by detect evil senses and spells that are not discrimatory.

One side effect of being marked or wearing the ring, the person is brought to the attention of The Dark Powers. The Dark Powers will pay attention to the character and its needs, so the character will be able to make a deal if they need to.

*) The Signet ring allows those of a mystic inclination to find anyone marked by the signet ring. Spells that require touch can be cast upon those who have been marked, with extra effort upon the casting. Those mystically inclined will also be able to talk with any sealed spirit bound to a corpse (usually to make a deal to become a skeleton or some such).

Note: There are many signet rings and stamps with this power. This is a common demonic 'gift'.

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