After a grunt of exhaustion Jerod released his control over the wolves. This night he bade them attack the small farm village of Huram and kill a flock of sheep owned by Dorag Hillbright. Just deserved, it was his vote that added to the tally that forced Jerods father to leave Huram in the first place. All of Huram will pay for their betrayal.

Jerods father was a sheepherder from Huram that was sent out of town for poisoning other herders flock. They claimed that he did it so that the wool was scarcer and he could charge more for it. The poison they found at the house must have been planted, his father said he was innocent and he would never do anything like that. Now the town council, and the town, will pay for what they have done. The ring he found in the entrails of the wolf that killed his father served him well. He would use it to avenge his fathers death. Those that sent him out to his death would pay.

The ring allows Jerod to control up to 40 wolves at one time. There are only 2d10 wolves available at any one time though. The ring does not do well with abuse however. If used more than 7 times in 7 days the wolves will turn on its owner.

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