Many years past, the Elven Prince Jole'Cae sought a woman of beauty and intelligence to rule alongside him. After criss-crossing the country, he found such a woman, a free-spirited ranger named Mannelei. They fell in love instantly, and decided to be married before the end of the year. Jole'Cae undertook a dangerous journey to the fringes of the Elven kingdom to beseech the mighty spellsmith Aurinellian to make him wedding rings in the human fashion.

Aurinellian, touched by the passion and love shown in the Prince's eyes, agreed, and toiled for a month, crafting two identical golden wedding bands, each etched with captivating patterns. Overjoyed, Jole'Cae returned to his love, and the two were married.

For several years, the pair lived happily, but as time passed they realised something strange was at work. At times of great emotion, their thoughts touched, no matter the distance between them. When Mannelei, travelling through the deep forest alone, was attacked by a Orcish warband, the rings seemed to glow, and Jole'Cae was transported from the palace to Mannelei's side, where they fought together and slayed the Orcs.

Unfortunately, the extent of the enchantment remained undiscovered. The following year, during an all-out Goblin assault on the kingdom, Prince Jole'Cae was brutally slain. It is said that, the moment the rusty Goblin blade slid between his ribs, Mannelei, many miles away, screamed in agony and dropped dead.

Since then, the rings have passed from the Elven kingdom into the hands of wandering merchants.

Magical Properties:

The rings are only magical when worn by a couple who are in love. Over time, at the GMs discretion, they allow limited empathic and telepathic communication. At times of great physical danger or emotional distress, the magic in the rings can also bring the couple together, no matter how far apart they are. After several years, the magic also passes wounds and injuries between the couple, and if one should die, then the other will also expire.

The rings are not to be used lightly, but can be useful as quest items, NPC treasure, as GM gifts to PCs who marry, or in the hands of an evil femme fatale who knows how to manipulate the enchantment...

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