Full Item Description
This is a silver class ring from a notable institution of higher learning. It has an onxy stone and is in very good shape. If you were trying to appear educated, cultured, or trying to set up a false identity, this would be the perfect item to purchase.

No one Knows who was the first wearer. All that is known is that he graduated from the institution over seventy years ago.

Magic/Cursed Properties
While worn, the ring provides the following effects:

  1. Bonuses to casting 'dark spells'
  2. The ability to sense and sometimes see spirit/ astreal entities
  3. Protection from dream and soul related spells
  4. It also disguises 'the taint of Evil'
  5. A good resistance to magic spells cast upon you
  6. Provides occasional glimses of the future (only occurs if you day dream, meditate, or upon occasion sleep.. though sometimes it will alert you to danger)
  7. .

The practioner kept laying small enchantments upon the ring. It was an item he was always wearing and innocuous enough that no one would question it. It became his perfect tool of power.

Additional Information
The ring needs to be fueled by life energy on a regular basis. The sacrifices of small animals once a moon or so should keep it sated, though if used often it may need more sacrifices. A human sacrifice (or similarly souled creature) should empower it for a year. If the ring is not fed (by killing something near it and willing the energy into it) it will feed of its wearer. It will first manifest as fatigue that will not recover, then life points.

This item is a prototype for any number of Evil Cultist and Evil Mastermind objects that assist them in their evil goals.

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