Full Item Description
A Ring of The Day is a pendant with two rings, one sliding along the back of another in a channel. The outside of the outer ring (to the right or left of the channel) is usually decorated with knot work or some scroll work.

To use the item, simply hold it out to the sun. Adjust the outside dial to the proper month, and a small bead of sunlight shines on the hour inscribed inside.

This is a historical item, made in the 12th century. The design is also know as the Aquitaine Dial. It is expensive to make in the 1100s, but would become cheaper in later periods. However, the idea behind it was lost in the next two centuries because of the wars, the plague, and the fact that most people did not need to tell time in the European Feudal system. The principals behind it were not rediscovered until the Age of Discovery.

Magic/Cursed Properties

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