A wealthy carpenter commissioned a local wizard to create a tool for him. The wizard, being partial to such items he was accustomed to using himself, created the tool as a ring.

The ring caught on and a few of the more wealthy carpenters had their own ring made. The wizard started a lucrative business creating them throughout the land employing quite a few travelers to peddle his wares.

The tool is a resizable hole cutter. The use of the ring enables the carpenter to cut perfect diameter holes. Once the holes are made it, the ring can be resized to cut doll rods of any diameter the ring can be sized to. Can be matched for the doll to just fit inside a hole that is made to create a very tight fitting connection.

The ring can be placed on any wooden surface and cut a hole through it in the shape of the ring. The center part will remain solid in the shape of a doll rod.

Magical Properties:
To size the ring, the owner must put the ring on wood and hold one side while physically pulling the the other side to ‘stretch’ it to scale. The ring does not go oblong, it expands equally. It can change from 1/4 inch to 2 inches. It must me resized to the holders ring size to fit, it will not just form to the finger.

To activate the ring, the ring must be forcefully pushed into the wood until the magic takes over. The finger must push it in until it loses contact from the ring digging. If the finger is removed before the ring is all the way in the wood beyond reach the ring will stop. Once it starts it cannot be stopped. If it hits stone or any other material it will simply stop but be free so it can fall out if you are able to tip what was cut.

The ring will ‘dig’ its way through the wood till it falls out the other side thereby stopping the effect. It will not fall on another piece and continue digging. The ring will work in any direction, the key is to be able to press it for long enough for it to take hold and start digging on its own. Usually about 30 seconds depending on the density of the wood. It digs at a rate of one foot per minute.

A string may not be tied to it to retrieve it after it finishes a dig, it must be free at all times. Any restraints it will shed as soon as it starts on its own.

A side effect of the ring is that anything produced by trees can be lit on fire by applying the ring as you would to a piece of wood. Leaves, pinecones, pine needles, acorns, etc, all of them will catch on fire if the technique is applied to them.

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