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December 5, 2017


Body Farm

        By: Scrasamax

Another term for a clone production and storage facility

Locations (Establishment) (Any) | Comments: 1

December 3, 2017


Bottled Winds

        By: Woofer295

The most expensive export of the Rin archipelago, the bottled winds are sold anywhere a buyer can be found.

Items (Other) (Magical) | Comments: 2

Long Combination Vehicle

        By: Scrasamax

Also known as road trains, or land trains.

Items (Transports) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 2

November 24, 2017


The Sharp Dressed Men

        By: Scrasamax

A gang of GQ coverboys who indulge in murder, mayhem, and the old ultraviolence

NPCs (Extras) (Criminal/Espionage) | Comments: 4

The Staff of Man

        By: Scrasamax

A venerable relic from an ancient time

Items (Wand/Staff/ Arcane) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 1

7 Condiments

        By: Scrasamax

With mass produced manufactured food, adding flavor is a vital part of eating in the Cosmic Era

Items (Equipment Listing) (Non-Magical) | Comments: 4

November 23, 2017


Staff of Doves

        By: Scrasamax

A staff that summons doves

Items (Wand/Staff/ Arcane) (Magical) | Comments: 1

The Staff of Famine

        By: Scrasamax

A cursed and terrible relic

Items (Wand/Staff/ Arcane) (Villanous) | Comments: 2

Aurumic Staff

        By: Scrasamax

The story of the Aurumic Staff is a story of deceit, murder, assassination, coercion, genocide, and war.

Items (Wand/Staff/ Arcane) (Cursed) | Comments: 2

November 22, 2017


Ring of Dangersense

        By: Woofer295

A ring of silver enchanted such that if any in the wearer's presence intend to harm them it would grow warm. Unfortunately it's properties are wasted if in place of politics where it is consistently warm.

Items (Jewelry) (Magical) | Comments: 2

November 21, 2017


Eye of the Mindless Servant

        By: Woofer295

A monocle lens made out of enchanted glass that allows the wearer to see through the eyes of golems and statues marked by the wearer.

Items (Other) (Magical) | Comments: 2

Blaze & Frost Stones

        By: Woofer295

Stones that have been attuned to the extreme temperatures of deserts or icy wastes. Such stones are quite valuable to adventurers as they can use them in order to preserve or prepare meals, make extreme environments bearable, and use them in clever devices.

Items (Other) (Magical) | Comments: 4

November 20, 2017


The Starseed

        By: Scrasamax

Like the Heavens, the mind of the Starseed becomes infinite

Items (Other) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 2

November 19, 2017


Ravenfeather Cloak

        By: Woofer295

"I once saw a raven fly over the Druidic wilderness, the lands claimed only by tooth, claw, tree and vine. The Raven landed in a clearing where many beasts stood in a large circle, landing in an empty space of the circle. It was there that I saw the beast lords return to their true forms, human, elf, half-elf and more. Each wearing a mantle of the beast they had been. The man that was a Raven wearing a cloak of feathers black as night."

- -Dynath Solobren, Elvish explorer

Items (Clothes) (Magical) | Comments: 2

November 18, 2017


Enchantment: Reservoir Vessel

        By: Woofer295

Flasks, vials, bottles, jugs and more, with well... more! The reservoir enchantment for liquid containers allows you to drink, pour, collect and spill much greater quantities of liquids than ever before!

Items (Other) (Magical) | Comments: 4

November 17, 2017


Mindskimmer Amulet

        By: Woofer295

An amulet with magical properties that allows the wearer to read the thoughts of others.

Items (Jewelry) (Magical) | Comments: 1

Bass Box

        By: BeatDropGaming

This just had to be done. I am so sorry

Items (Other) (Magical) | Comments: 4

November 16, 2017


The Bramblebeasts

        By: Woofer295

A wagon lays overturned on the forest road, bodies savaged by tooth and claw lay strewn about it, their weapons clean of blood, seemingly unused.

A lone man runs from an unseen threat, deeper into the forest, away from the grisly scene in the road. He stumbles, his foot having caught on a root. He lands hard, his lungs feel like lead. Panting, he comes to his knees. Two eyes of emerald light meet his, a low growl emanates from the beast, and his death is swift.

Lifeforms (Unique) (Forest/ Jungle) | Comments: 3

Banshee Willow

        By: Woofer295

An ashen grey willow with pale leaved tendils obscuring it's gnarled trunk. Sitting in the mire of great swamps, rare even in it's natural environment. The Banshee Willow's bark is known to have magical properties. Travelers beware, these trees seem to attract ghosts and other unsavory undead.

Lifeforms (Flora) (Swamp) | Comments: 6

November 15, 2017



        By: Woofer295

A hardy deep blue vine with needle-like thorns and bright orange flowers. If pricked by Widowthorn one should quickly seek the antidote or a natural remedy, the poison secreted by the thorns induces drowsiness and saps one's strength.

Lifeforms (Flora) (Forest/ Jungle) | Comments: 6

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