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March 25, 2017


La Nan: The Web of a Million Rice Fields

        By: axlerowes

Giant Robotic spider that loves farming, Buddhism and sells weapons of mass destruction. The cosmic era.

Locations (Country/ State) (Other) | Comments: 1

March 18, 2017


30 Drugs from the Cosmic Era

        By: Scrasamax

Aldus Huxley imagined a future where the masses were controlled by readily available doses of a drug called soma. The Cosmic Era is rife with drugs, some illicit and some marketed with the accuracy of laser guided weapons. The only thing he got wrong was that there isn't one happy pill, there are hundreds to choose from.

Items (Potion) (Campaign Defining) | Comments: 2

March 16, 2017

Society/ Organizations

Gendarme Maschina

        By: Scrasamax

The House of the Forsaken replaced the failed Order of Ixion with the cyborg commandos of the Gendarme Maschina

Society/ Organizations (Criminal/Espionage) (Trans World) | Comments: 1

March 8, 2017



        By: Scrasamax

The Agonizer is a peripheral device used as a negative reinforcement tool

Items (Jewelry) (Villanous) | Comments: 9


        By: Scrasamax

rejuvenation station

Items (Home/ Personal) (Villanous) | Comments: 2

March 7, 2017


Squirt Gun

        By: Scrasamax

Squirt guns are typically non-lethal weapons used to deliver debilitating chemical agents.

Items (Ranged Weapons) (Combat) | Comments: 1
Society/ Organizations

Order of Ixium

        By: Scrasamax

A low end private security force, the Order of Ixium operated as the enforcers and henchmen of the House of the Forsaken

Society/ Organizations (Criminal/Espionage) (Trans World) | Comments: 1

March 1, 2017


Doppelganger Egg

        By: valadaar

These are not, in spite of their name, the eggs of actual Doppelgangers...

Items (Other) (Magical) | Comments: 9

Mobile Mine

        By: Scrasamax

An insidious weapon born from terrorists and adopted by the military

Items (Other) (Combat) | Comments: 5

February 28, 2017

Society/ Organizations

Hierarchy of the Modern Anglosphere Military

        By: K9ofChaos

Here is the governing hierarchy of a standard western style modern military. These types of ranks could also serve as the ruling class of a Stratocratic Dictatorship or Military Junta.

Society/ Organizations (Political) (Trans World) | Comments: 1

February 27, 2017


The History of Humanity in Space

        By: K9ofChaos

In the future, as Humanity expands into the stars, certain eras of history will repeat themselves, but tailored to the contexts of space travel. These are the following eras of history that will see new life in the stars:

Plots (Event) (Multi-Storyline) | Comments: 5

The Realm of Shadow and a few of it's Locations and Denizens (Stolen World)

        By: Aramax

A Dark Reflection of The Stolen World, The Shadow of What Is.

Articles (Campaign) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 1

February 26, 2017


7 Mermaids

        By: Cheka Man

Seven Mermaids, some of them living their lives in the deep ocean, others, willingly or otherwise, on the land.

Lifeforms (Intelligent Species) (Water) | Comments: 7

February 25, 2017


Normandy Class

        By: Scrasamax

In the Federation Space Navy, there is an expression, the Battlestars get the glory, but the Normandy's do the work

Items (SpaceShips) (Combat) | Comments: 2

February 23, 2017


Liathghorm Salmon, or the Salmon of Knowledge

        By: Dozus

The Liathghorm salmon is prized not only for its flavor, but the unique psychic properties of its flesh.

Lifeforms (Fauna) (Water) | Comments: 11

February 20, 2017

Society/ Organizations

Selan, the Travellers

        By: manfred

Fugitives forever. Followed by the doom.

Society/ Organizations (Travelers) (Trans World) | Comments: 6

Billy Feldsham

        By: manfred

"...needs to find balance in his personal life. However, his skill at diagnosing indicates a solid medical talent. I am confident that within a year a little guidance…"
(from the evaluation of a senior resident)

NPCs (Minor) (Domestic/ Craft) | Comments: 5

February 19, 2017


Goldeveki's Chimera

        By: Scrasamax

The sins of Goldeveki are beyond count, but chief among those sins is the creation of the chimera that bears their name.

Lifeforms (Constructed) (City/ Ruin) | Comments: 2

February 18, 2017



        By: Scrasamax

For twenty seven years I lived a strange and unimaginable life, and one morning I woke up divorced from life. I was awake.

I wish I could go back to sleep

Articles (Fiction) (Gaming - Genre) | Comments: 2

February 17, 2017


Triple Chaos, The Stolen World

        By: Aramax

In a world filled with unique chimera, some are more unique than others OR A chimera divided against itself must fall!

500 word, chimera challenge

Lifeforms (Unique) (Mountains) | Comments: 4

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