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Blood Necklace of the Gore-Queen

The Gore-Queens of Necrohol of Vaecaem are known for their sense of style, heavy use of magic, and monstrous interests

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Beverly is a career troubleshooter, a type of shadowrunner who works in the gray zone

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Plastic Laser

Plastic Laser is a generic term for cheaply made, low power laser weapons. The term is derogatory. 

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NP-Completeness of Carry-Weight/Encumberence Mechanics

The gameplay mechanic of encumberence or carry-wight is technically an NP-Complete Problem. Meaning it is computationally infeasable to determine the best solution for a sufficently complex scenario. This article contains text from Wikipedia.

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Ministry of Fandom MOF Gameworks Inc

This is a Front Company owned and operated by the Ministry of Fandom. It suppies money to struggling game studios to prevent valuable IPs from falling victim to more unscruplious companies.

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Turtle Lotus


Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - Religions and Cults

As unanimously decided by ChatBot, the quest has begun!

What holds more power over a human heart than fear of the unknown? For this quest we seek answers to the eternal questions of life and death, sin and deliverance. Whether you design an entire belief system or simply a backwater cult , modern or ancient, sci-fi or steampunk -- make your religion sing. Gods and prophets, demons, con-artists and mystic rites; from the humblest spirit to the greatest miracle, anything goes! This is your chance to put a new spin or twist on religion, and give us something we haven't seen before.

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