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The Chained King

The Chained King and Aheth Silareth

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Panoply of the Bride

A ridiculous panoply that combines the aesthetic of Brazilian Carneval and a wedding dress, intended for a Charisma build seduction character

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Cheka Man's

7 (Mostly) Cursed Gems

Seven jewels that mainly hold dark secrets within their beauty.

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Cách tra cứu kết quả xổ số miền Nam thứ 3 trực tiếp nhanh nhất

Cách tra cứu kết quả xổ số miền Nam thứ 3 trực tiếp nhanh nhất

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Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - Five Room Dungeon

In association with Johnn Four, and all the fine folks subscribed to his Roleplaying Tips Weekly mailing list at, we bring you our first collaborative Quest.

Room One: Entrance and Guardian - There needs to be a reason why your dungeon hasn’t been plundered or why your adventurers are the ones for the job.

Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge - A trial that cannot be solved by steel alone.

Room Three: Trick or Setback - Build tension through tricks and setbacks and give them a double-dose of gameplay such as more combat or another roleplaying challenge.

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle or Conflict - The final combat or conflict of the dungeon.

Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist - The dungeon is complete but what is it about this dungeon that made it different or memorable. What kind of mystery have they discovered, what kind of reward have they won, and what kind of information have they recovered?

Read Johnn's Full Article: 5 Room Dungeons for more tips and thoughts on how to write one, an example is the Library of the Ancients.

Submissions to the quest will each earn an extra 15XP can be inputted on the site as normal or can be emailed to Johnn at

Prizes for this quest include a D&D Icons Gargantuan Black dragon from Legend Games, MyInfo Personal Reference Software licenses from Milenix Software, DCC #46 Book of Treasure Maps – DCC #$7 Tears of the Genie - #50 Vault of the Iron Overlord from Goodman Games, and 1 on 1 Adventures #5 Vale of the Sepulcher - #6 Shroud of Olindor - #7 Eyes of the Dragon - #8 Blood Brothers - Advanced Adventures #3 Curse of the Witch Head from Expeditious Retreat Press. Winners for these prizes will be chose randomly so every submission has an equal chance of winning. Also, all the quest submissions will be combined and edited with what the folks at Roleplaying Tips come up with and they all will be offered back to the community.

------------ Strolen's Citadel Quest, Five Room Dungeon was an awesome collaborative success. The total amount of quest submissions between Johnn's Roleplaying Tips and the Citadel was a whopping 87 Five Room Dungeons! The winners of this set were chosen randomly so congratulations to all. But here are those that won a gift from the sponsors: Gillian Wiseman Tyler Turner Nik Palmer Daniel Burrage Uri Lifshitz Clayton Blanchard Jean-Christophe Pelletier Jason Kemp Pirate Queen Wulfhere Valadaar Thewizard63. Congratulations to Everybody!!!

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