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Augustgrad Anti-Hero Club

A social group living in the damaged Eurasian Alliance city of Augustgrad

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The Writers' Guild

The Writers' Guild is an obscure, old club whose members are a gaggle of eccentric writers and dilettantes. It has long been a productive society, publishing a vast number of high quality, yet little known works.

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The Valley of the Cursed Gods

The Valley of the Cursed Gods is full of exotic plants and animals, an isolated valley of wonder. Whether the adventurers travel through the valley by chance, or if they have been lured by the weird, serpentine smoke formation that clings to the mountainside, one thing soon becomes apparent: Something slumbers in the Valley of the Cursed Gods. Something immensely powerful that stirs in its slumber, trying to awaken, yet cannot. Will the adventurers be the force that tips the scales of that balance?

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Scanning Spell

"You have been selected for a random search. Please stand still while the scanning spell is cast." ~City Guard

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Ministry of Fandom Central Headquarters

So you have been tasked with infiltrating the Ministry of Fandom eh? HA! Sucks to be you! No one has ever successfully breached the Ministry of Fandom HQ and lived to tell about it.

Hall of Honour


The Whalebone Forest

Ancient Gamer's

The Stairs of Kienor
Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - Five in One

The Five in One Challenge. The time to honor yourself will soon be at an end...Highness--Russ Crowe, Gladiator

The idea behind this Quest is to use five random submissions and craft one masterpiece from them. The point is to celebrate some of the forgotten posts of the past, dredge up favorites, and highlight your peers and colleagues' works.

Rules - Thou shall not use any of your own submissions.

-Thou shall have 1.5 months to craft your 5in1 submission. Yes, multiples are allowed. You cannot begin, until the Quest is officially posted on the main site (any hour now).
- The Five shall be picked randomly, ideally with the aid of Murometz, who will gladly generate them for you. However, those impatient of you may choose and contact any Citadelian of your preference, who shall thence produce them for you - the 'Random Submission' link on pretty much any page of the main Citadel being a good source. Refresh and enjoy.
- The chosen submissions shall not have a higher vote score than '4.5'. Even the seemingly less perfect submissions deserve love and companionship. Please, help them shine!
- (Optional) A sixth submission may be generated if you so desire, to swap it with another that you desire less.

Other than these guidelines, anything goes. The person who wins the Quest, will be awarded a set of customized Citadel-dice in addition to the usual laurels! If you can help it, try to avoid an epic novel.

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