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Thorne Wiesshammer

The face of Wastelanders, at least to the people of the AmeroZone of the Atlantic Federation

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Project Eternity

Project Eternity was built on the same architecture as Project Infinity, but had different goals. Where Infinity and its associated Matrix Maia, Eternity was a survival/horror simulation to determine how long isolated groups of people could survive under extreme hostile conditions with little to no outside support.

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Cheka Man's

30 Reasons why someone escaped Capital Punishment

Some of them are free now, others are rotting in foul prisons to this day.

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Zuzana Stormcrow

Also known as the Black Rider, the ill fortune bearer, and the Pilgrim of Despair

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The Red Marsh Mercenary Company

When you need an army that can survive the deep desert or high mountains. Can march for days through marshland without succumbing to disease. Doesn't ask questions and does what its told. You call the Red Marsh Mercenary Company. If you have the gold, that is.

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A Gasp of Glass


White Children Of Hosok
Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - Expand-a-30

We have a lot of 30's around here.

In this Quest, choose any random entry from a 30 and expand it into a full submission. Pick something from The 30, The Other 30s, or through the 30 freetext. Don't use your own, there are so many you won't have a problem finding something.

Please make sure to link to the 30 that inspired you. The first place winner will receive a 100xp award. The second place winner will receive 50xp. Make the small ideas great!

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