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Monster Seeds!

Adding a little unexpected to your magic bag of critters or the like.

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Security Heads

Severed heads that the Viking Clan Tyr uses as security cameras with runic magic.

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Siren no Orakio's

The Corpseless Plague

Where came the sickness, the shaman knew not. No herb, no smoke, no spirit dance could carry it away. What curse of heaven carried the plague, the sages and priests could not say. The gods struck, and no prayer, no elixir could save their victims. How the malaise spread, no doctor could know. With not even a body to spread the miasma, surely it must be a curse. And when at last, the right lenses were turned upon the pus of the suffering.  

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7 Things about James Gunn's Suicide Squad

A tedious and violent movie that I had the misfortune of watching

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F-44 Shunjun

The most important combat walker in the arsenal of the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

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The Volgotoi


Topal (Lake Squid)
Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - Art Quest

First Ever Art Quest!

The streets are alive with talk of all the bards visiting the Citadel this month. Rumor has it that Jack Holliday has a piece of art that is being displayed and the person that can weave the most entertaining story will earn the praise of the Strolenati and prizes beyond description (custom Strolen Dice!).

All are welcome to participate and the top two submissions, that earn the most XP, will earn the top spots.

If there are 10 or most submissions, we will go to a round two where another picture will be offered. During round two, any submission from the first round (doesn't have to be your submission) must be weaved together and continue the story with the new piece of artwork.

Wnner of the second round will be the cumulative XP for their highest first submission and their highest second round.

Multiple submissions are welcome, but only the highest will count towards XP counting.

Second round, top two will also get dice.

For the overall winner (if we go two rounds), I will ask Jack Holliday to illustrate a submission of your choice!

See a Higher Resolution.

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