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Filiwithans House & the Orphanage

On Rose Street, nearby the abandoned orphanage, Filiwithan the reclusive sage lives with his children. 

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7 Things About Hell Houses

A Hell House is a creepy, spooky, or otherwise sketch domicile where large numbers of people can easily vanish 

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Time Locked Town

A Time Locked Town is a city or town or generally any location is that geared towards one specific time of year, almost always focused on a holiday. These locations are common in holiday and horror themed movies

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Rod of the Quockerwodger

A quockerwodger is a wooden toy pulled by a string, most famously, a duck. 

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Spell: Hidden Fortress

The Hidden Fortress spell allows the caster to create a fortress sized structure and the conceal it anywhere they desire

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Myrie Bugs


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Siren no Orakio's

Verdichtung, Reaver of Steam


30 Imps
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Ends April 2
Art Quest

The streets are alive with talk of all the bards visiting the Citadel this month. Rumor has it that Jack Holliday has a piece of art that is being displayed and the person that can weave the most entertaining story will earn the praise of the Strolenati and prizes

Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Unspeakable Horrors

All things Lovecraftian in flavor. Star-spawned beasts and ancient, perverse cults. And tentacles. Lot's of tentacles. When Star-Spawned maladies invade your realities, you'll need nary a nudge to find yourself knee-deep in Shoggoth sludge. Oh yes, what an unpleasant romp you'll have through the festering flesh-swamp of Rr'lavinav. And when you begin to see the fog thin, a monstrous worm of pus, topped with a fin, will rot you skull from deep within.

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