Full Item Description
This item can be a ring, a pendant, belt buckle, or even a pair of boots. The items tend to be of metal (or have metal parts to embed the spell) as they last technically forever.

Being aligned with Evil does tend to make the afterlife a little less appealing. Unless one can somehow claw their way up the hierarchy immediately, one should be looking towards a long, long, long, time of torture and servitude to greater spirits, before any chance of reincarnation will occur.

In short, the True Retirement Plan sucks.

One of the first things Smart Evil Cultists and Priests learn is how to avoid final death. Having a familiarity with spirits and binding gives them a head start in this area.

The smart evil cultist binds their own soul to an item in such a way that it will be retrieved from any spiritual location or magical binding. Unlike most of these binding spells, there will be no compulsion for obedience and no limit on their magical power. In addition, the item will be enchanted to enhance magical mind control or enhance the possession attempt of a spirit. If there is time, a compulsion to wear the item as much as possible is given.

The item is then given to an appropriate young person as a gift. The young person should be strong, good looking, and well connected. (Some people give said items to young cultist recruits, just so they will still be part of the organization).

So when they die, their soul is yanked back to the item after a time. From there, the Smart Evil Cultist, will then begin to work their will upon the wearer. It depends on their skills, enchantment they have access to, and personality that determines how the subject is replaced. Slowly the cultist dominates the subject, either just controlling their mind or possessing and dominating them. (the advantage of control is that if something bad happens, the spirit in the item can take over the next wearer, the disadvantage is that they can be lost or captured - never to see the light of day again).

It can be the ultimate escape hatch. The Evil cultist's mind is now buried in the Duke's Sweet Young Daughter. Who would suspect her? And if the Evil cultist bides their time, they will be drawn into the world of nobility and power... where a few subtle self serving spells will cement their noble power.

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