Full Item Description
Red granite stone ring with an amber colored stone set in its center. It has an ever present warmth coming from it when worn. It will resize to fit one size finger either larger or smaller but will not chance more than that. When it changes in size the band will show. If it grows larger the band will thin. If if grows smaller the band will thicken and get wider.

Heart stone rings were common among the youthful and rich. They were a sign of wealth and status among the fops. Usually a heart stone ring was given as a courting gift or to some one of great affection, but soon became a symbol of station discernable by stone coloring, size, and uniqueness. The heart stone is so sought after due to its rarity among other stones of its kind. Every stone has flaws, whether they are cracks, imperfections, blending of other stone types and minerals. The heart stone however is gemlike in its quality. Once cut and shaped it is flawless and perfect, a piece of art and a rarity among stone. Heart stone is usually found in granite, marble, as well as a few other types.

This common trait made it a perfect item to be used in the creation of a magic item. Because of its popularity among the noble youths, specifically those young and hot tempered enough to secretly duel, the next step in its evolution was to create an item of usefulness yet hidden.

While dueling was a respectable form of settling disputes it was still frowned upon by the authorities, often punishable by time in jail, work gangs, or even death. To counteract being found out, as blood stains an open gashes are hard to hide, the common heartstone rings were then imbued with a unique form of healing.

Not a major ability, at least when dealing with some of the unique, rare, and divine healing magics now archived, lost, or hidden away due to their pricelessness. But helpful to the dueling fops none-the-less. The heartstone rings were not designed for instant healing, that would give to large an advantage on the dueling field, but instead made to grant the wearer an unnatural form of healing when calm and relaxed. Which was usually a few minutes after a duel was complete so all who bore witness could see who the winner, and looser were.

Originally created for the son of some long and forgotten noble, when it was used and the arrogant prince healed near immediately, his opponent took it as affront to his honor and ran him through the chest, ensuring the death of the prince. He was later hung for murder but forever after no such rings were made or used that had such an ability.

Stone Color Meanings
White marble - shows loyalty and trust.
Black marble - shows partnership.
Green marble - shows friendship beyond measure.
Pink marble - shows deep affection and love.
Blue marble - shows concern of lifes choices for a friend.

Magical Properties
This is a minor item of magic. It heals but only on a minor and small level. This is not the item for the adventurous warrior who risks their life just by waking up. Their wounds would not heal quick enough.

Only when rested will this item work. In a point based system it will heal only a minor amount of damage, wounds, health per five minutes. In my system it heals no more than 5 health points per five minutes. Equate this to how your system works and your individual gaming needs.

This is a simple item of minor magics and should not be considered huge or awe inspiring. This is a filler item and nothing more. It is supposed to have more emotional feeling to it than functional feeling. Not very useful on the field of battle to say the least.

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