The Ring of Opposites, a powerful magical item capable of altering the way someone thinks completely. It was forged by a anceint wizard to cure his insane daughter. For months he worked to unlock the inner workings of the mind of an insane person. The closest he came to uncovering the mystery was that their way of thought was almost the opposite of a sane person.

To save his daughter the wizard crafted a ring with the power to reflect thought process like a mirror. When the wizard put the ring on the finger of his daughter,to his immense joy she stood up and acted completely normal.

Many months later his daughter sadly died from unknown causes, in his grief the wizard decided it best to wear the ring to possibly return to his normal state. But as soon as the ring was placed on his finger, the fragile mirror of sanity was smashed to bits, his mind broke,his magic violently burst from his body for he no longer had the mental aptitude to control it.

Hundreds of years later the ring was found on the remains of the wizard by a group of adventurers. The mage of the group detected vast magical power and thought it best to leave it behind, the halfling rogue made off with it unknown to all. Later that night the rogue went raving mad at camp and murdered the party before doing away with himself.

For now the location of the ring is unknown. It is easily recognized by the small mirror-like gem set in the adamantium band.

Magical Properties:

The Ring of Opposites has the power to reverse the sanity of a person who wears it. If a sane person wears it they go insane, if a insane person wears it they become sane.

The magic of the ring makes it impossible to remove without dying, or losing a finger. For the destruction of the ring the knowledge was lost with the creator.

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