'Way back when, owld Culbert, ee' use teh' live up on the 'ill ee' did, an' he had some mighty strange goins' on up there, I tell yeh'. Mighty strange. Why, owld Culbert, ee' would go without gettin is' surplies down in the villij' fer' why, six or sixteen days, ee' would, I tell yeh'! An' then one day, ee' came runnen' down to ye' owld villij' sayin 'Oi got me a woif! Oi got me a woif!' Of course, we didnay believe im' cuz we all thought ee' wuz loony in the head, thas' what we thought. We never saw im' agin', until we found is' owld corpse up in the gully. Ee' ad' a regaluh' owld grin on his face, then, ee' did.'

Magical Properties:

When Culbert's Ring is put on, the user begins to see and meet new, beautiful people of the opposite sex. The wearer and new person eventually fall in love and the ring is used as a symbol for their 'wedding'. But no-one else sees the spouse, because it isn't there. Eventually, the wearer comes to a point where they love their 'spouse' so much that they never leave the illusion's side and starve to death or die of some other cause.

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