The magical making of the nose rings in the Trolloc Nations is clouded at the beginnings of the creation of the Trolloc Nations. Tribal Leaders were gifted by the shamans of their tribes with their nose rings, that increased the ability to smell of the wearer, for the shamans believed in instinct and without the nose, you weren't a good hunter. The magic was harnessed from the many moutians that crossed over the Trolloc Nation and the Shamans sometimes, for a pirce, made bands and other jewelry to make them magical. The Late Trolloc King was known to wear arm, wrist, hand, ankle and neck bands to increase his power, though it led to his assassination by his Royal Officials who saw him getting too strong.

The ring is made of bronze, silver, or the greatest of them, a gold ring. About two inches in diameter it would be pierced in the bucca of the nose between the two nostrils and held their by usually a hard needle.
Only the leaders wear them or sometimes they are awarded to powerful rulers.

The fashion has become popular among soldiers of The Holy Kingdom of Abasil where the common soldier has his made of just simple metal with no magical abilities. Mostly as to make him or her look fearsome in battle.

The first one made was 500 years ago, by the Grand Shaman, Urg Turg. The reason behind this was that he noticed that Elven Troops used a special wood that made fire glow blue and with enhancing the smell, once could smell them coming, so he made them and they slowly has made the advance of the Elves into the Troll's territory most troublesome, and only by a simple spell.

Magical Properties:

It is able to increase the smelling ability of the wearer and to make the wearer look fearsome.

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