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Generally this is a plain gold ring with little to mark it as extraordinary. Careful examination may find an inscription in very small text giving the phrase to activate the ring.


This ring was created by a Wizard seeking a different means of providing invisibility then the common ones which worked by illusion, mental suggestion or simple redirection of light. Being an Elementalist by nature, he chose the path of Elemental Fractional Displacement to provide the desired invisibility. Unfortunately for the wizard, he overlooked the potential danger of this approach and now wanders, unseen and unheard, through his old laboratory even today.

Magic/Cursed Properties

This ring makes the wearer invisible, but by a method different then other rings. Much of the matter of the wearer is pushed into another dimension with the exception of their ‘air’ component, and a trace quantity of the other three elements. These remnants are so faint as to be invisible except in the most extreme situations:

In total darkness, a glow from tiny remnants of fire can be observed, forming a very faint outline.

In bright sunlight, small rainbow patterns will appear where the invisible figure would normally cast a shadow due to the small amounts of elemental water.

If the figure stands in bright light against a dark background, small specks of dust - the remnants of their Earth element will appear and create a humanoid image.

All of the above effects are extremely subtle and unlikely to be seen by any not looking for something unusual. In any environment not as conductive as the ones listed above, which is mostly the case, the chances of seeing a trace of the ring-wearer is remote.

As a side effect of this method, the user loses much of their ability to interact with the world, being little more then a pocket of air. They act as if they had one quarter the physical strength they normally have.

They still retain a humanoid form and cannot squeeze through very small spaces - they have much of the properties of an Areogel - but also are highly resistant to any form of physical damage.

The downside of this ring is that over time, more and more matter will get pushed into the other dimension, and eventually will leave the wearer as nothing but air and spirit. At this point the ring will drop to the ground to be found by it’s next victim, and the wearer will be doomed to float around as a form of non-undead ghost. Perhaps magic could reunite the elements of the victim, but this would not be easy. If the ring is taken off or deactivated prior to reaching the point of no return, the ‘doomsday’ counter gets reset.

It also may be possible that beings in other dimensions could severe the link between the wearer and the bulk of the Earth, Water and Fire that make up their being and condemn them to the same fate as wearing the ring too long.

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