An unusual instrument with four finger holes, fashioned from a spiraling ram's horn. The mouthpiece and opening are both gilded in silver, and the inside of the horn seems to have been coated likewise with silver.


Blowing upon this horn can produce a dense, silvery mist. Depending on which fingerholes are depressed at the time of blowing, the mist can either be as poisonous as mercury, as hot as molten lead, or as refreshing as a bath in healing waters. When simply played for music, the horn will also passively increase the luck of the wielder, as well as that of any allies.


As with all items dragon-wrought, this one caries within it the seeds of destiny. It's goal is simple: to improve the fortunes of those both rich in kindness, and poor in fortune. Being originally gifted to a man of little means, it always seems to wind up in the hands of those less fortunate in life, luck, money or love. Once the user has established him/herself in the world, however, Silverbreath will seek a new bearer.


It is said that, long ago, a shepherd befriended a silver dragon that was on the verge of death. Wounded and sick, the dragon was close to starvation when the man happened upon him in a cave near his fields. In an act of extreme bravery and kindness, the shepherd slayed the prize ram of his herd and offered the corpse to the wounded wyrm, thus providing it with enough sustenance for its regenerative powers to take over. In gratitude for the help, the dragon broke off one of the rams' horns and blew into it three times, imbuing the horn with a different ability each time. He then carefully carved the fingerholes out with its own claws, and gifted it to the shepherd so that it might improve his fortunes.


Over the course of its life, Silverbreath has rarely stayed with the same wielder for more than a year or two. However, it also seems to have developed a taste for music in that time. Silverbreath seems to be attracted to songs and ballads composed in its honor, and will often choose to stay with a skilled musician for far longer than it ordinarily would. As a result, there are literally hundreds of songs and poems about Silverbreath and its bearers, written by bards who hope to attract the legendary instrument to themselves. A few have even succeeded.

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