A longbow fashioned from a beautiful dark wood, almost ebony. It has seven swans carved down the bow with their beaks pointing forward and their wings outstretched behind them towards the archer. One of the swan's wings appear to be made of real feathers, however, rather than wood.


One of the seven wondrous items gifted to the Kings of Adelheim, its power increases as each of the other items is pledged to the same cause. In the Kings' case, that cause was to "protect the kingdom and its people." For each item so pledged, one of the swans will sprout real feathers where its wings are carved, 3 on each side. Pulling on one of those feathers will draw a magical arrow, ready to be nocked and loosed. Each swan's arrows have a different color and a different effect. Some wound the target as normal, while others stun, slow or cause pain. Others cause the target to fall into a deep slumber or allow easy (almost telepathic) tracking of a target struck. The last swan can even cause instant death. Additionally, the placement of the arrows makes drawing and shooting two at once possible, though it requires much practice.


If the bearer of this bow ever betrays the cause to which he has pledged himself, the consequences are severe. All of the swans (save the one that wounds) will turn back into normal wood, and the bearers of the other items will be instantly notified that someone has left the cause. Also, bad luck will begin to plague the bearer. He will miss shots, or hit targets that he didn't intend to. Until the bow is passed on to another bearer or the original owner manages to redeem himself, the effects will continue.


Chosen by Darren, The Hunter. Darren had a great love of the outdoors and made it his life’s work to know every inch of his kingdom as well as the back of his own hand. There was no creature within its borders who could outmatch him for speed and cunning, or escape his magic arrows. During his reign, he slew many threats to the kingdom -- from vicious wolves that attacked the winter flocks, to unnatural horrors, unleashed by the kingdom’s enemies. After Darren’s death, this bow passed to his favorite son, who had accompanied Darren on many of his patrols since boyhood.


The arrows will never run out, but the more powerful ones may require some time to regenerate (up to the GM’s discretion).

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