A slender glass rod covered with the crystal-clear forms of spiders, the spinneret stylus hardly seems an implement of lethal magic. Gilt traceries accent the intricate, three-dimensional spiders covering its shaft, their golden patterns still as beautiful as the moment of their crafting.


The stylus’ magic allows its wielder to project webs of spun glass filament, quickly filling entire rooms with gleaming, transparent strands. While not quite as strong or entangling as the webs of giant arachnids, those attempting to force their way through the transparent web suffer innumerable cuts and scratches from the strands’ cruel shards and broken ends.


As fragile as a delicate glass goblet or intricate ornament, the stylus is easily broken. Minor damage to the stylus may cause it to release an uncontrolled blast of webbing, but shattering it entirely also causes it to release a horde of tiny glass arachnids, glittering vermin which swarm over everything in the area.


Although the stylus carries no symbols or glyphs to identify it, the glass rod once belonged to the high priestess of a strange spider cult. Her rod of office, it has passed through many hands since the sect’s demise.


Some remnants of the cult remain, hidden and secretive. Their worship has taken a sinister turn since its time of ancient prominence, but the remaining adherents know of their stylus’ significance. Should it resurface, they may choose to aid its possessor, acting behind the scenes to eliminate her foes. Of course, some possessors may prove unworthy, in which case the cultists will seek their demise, hoping fate brings the stylus to a better candidate.

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