Within the depths of hell created by one of the best hellsmiths is an elegent set of twin blades that form a magical composite bow of bone and sinew when combined.

These shortswords consist of black demonsteel curved blades that glow with red runes. The hilts made of ornately carved ivory white bone. The shiny brass gaurds and interlocking pommels make the rest of these beautiful weapons. The blades are light enough to be wielded as twin daggers despite being shortswords by design.

By combining these two blades by attaching them together via the pummels, a magical bow that consists of a red sinew string and magical flaming barbed arrow is formed. When the string is drawn back, the arrow appears automatically. There is no need to worry about running out of arrows with this bow.

This powerful weapon is called the Infernal Swordbow.

Should you desire this weapon, you can craft it using the following materials:

Demonsteel Ore which can be obtained in the mines of hell.

Human Bones which can be obtained anywhere humans are located.

Human Muscle Tissue which can obviously be obtained from humans.

Virgin Human Blood which can be obtained from...take a wild guess.

Brass Ingots which can be obtained wherever those are sold or found.

To craft the metal components, you must use a Hellforge which is the only forge that can work with demonsteel.

First you must forge the blades themselves using smelted Demonsteel Ore and quench them in human blood which must be drained from male or female virgins. This makes the blades potent enough to handle the magic that will be used in them. After the blades are finished, you must take them to a special Runeforge that specializes in flesh magic. These special runes have a very specific procedure to emblazon onto the blades.

To prepare the blades for the proceedure, you must take a live human, cut it open, and carefully insert the blades under the ribcage while keeping it alive this entire time. Then use healing magic to close the wounds. After which you must torture the human using any method so long as it spills blood. The pain must be non-stop for a minimum of 72 hours and the human must not pass out during the torture. So it is recommended multiple people do the torture in shifts.

After the torture is done, carefully extract the blades from the human and place them in the Runeforge. It matters not if the human dies at this point and it would be a mercy. You must now emblazon a specific set of runes onto the blades and all in the correct order. These runes allows the swords to combine to form the bow and make the arrows. This is done by carving the runes out of human muscle tissue and placing the pieces of that tissue onto the blades and then activating the Runeforge.

After forging the brass guards and pummels for the swords, we move onto the crafting of the hilts. These must be crafted using magic tools specifically designed for molding flesh and bone into any shape. To get these bones, you must extract them from a live human.

Finally, after all of this trouble, you assemble the parts and the weapon is complete. It is now ready to use in battle.

NOTE TO PCs WHO USE THIS WEAPON: Should people see you in possession of an Infernal Swordbow, it will scare them, make them curious, or if a holy paladin sees it, attack you. Should they know or find out how it is made, there is a high chance you will be vilified by most communities if you are seen with it. Some people might send knights or paladins after you as well. Be very careful when using it.

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