Olla-Taur, The White Fang

The White Fang is a four-foot-long shaft of clear blue ice, tipped with an elaborate silver headpiece that holds in place a Frost Dragon's fang. The ice will never melt and is alway extremely cold. There are heavy cloth wraps frozen to Olla-Taur to provide a grip and protect the wielder from the numbing cold of the staff.

Basic Benefits (Available to all weilders): The staff known as Olla-Taur can be used in combat as a blunt weapon that deals additional cold damage or to unleash a blast of freezing wind and icicle shards.

The White Fang also boots the power of Cold-based spells cast through it, either increasing their damage or expanding their area of effect.

Advanced Benefits (Available after learning the history of Olla and Taur): After you have learned of the friendship shared by the human Olla and the Frost Dragon Taur you will be able to invoke their will to restore Frost Dragons to the intelligence they once possessed and eventually form a lasting bond with one of them.

Once you uncover the story of Olla's desire to resolve the Flame and Frost conflict you gain a bonus on diplomatic interactions with Flame Dragons while carrying The White Fang.

However, once you use any of The White Fang's power, you will find yourself less tolerant of warm environments and Fire-based effects for 24-hours afterward. During this time you may experience fatigue when warm, or suffer more serious wounds from heat sources.

Many years ago, the world was ruled by the various sects of Dragon Riders. Each sect was dedicated to befriending and understanding a different Dragon species.

Near the end of that time, Olla Snowe rose through the ranks of the Frost Dragon Riders with her companion Taureshkuulsefraust.

Not long after Olla and Taur were given the rank of Champions, a war broke out between the Frost and the Flame Dragons. Soon, the other breeds joined the fray and there was world-wide chaos. This conflict became known as the War of Every Color.

It is still unknown how the war was ended, but after it had the world was a completely different place. It was the place it is now. They say that in some remote places of the world, you can find structures from that time that contain items of great power.

The White Fang is one of these items. It is said to contain the will of Olla and Taur to resolve the conflict between Frost and Flame. It has the power to return intelligence to the currently bestial Frost Dragons and is a symbol of peace among Dragonkind.

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