Appearance: The Blitzhammer family of weapons are large maul shaped weapons, with hafts suitable to be swung by soldiers wearing powered armor strong enough to flip automobiles with ease. The weapons are typically 35 to 70 pounds in weight are are composed of composite materials, and large amounts of metals such as titanium and tungsten.

Benefit: The Blitzhammer is an anti-armor and anti-bunker weapon deployed by power armor soldiers. The impact of the weapon is amplified by a complex series of very complicated 'bits' insulated deep inside the head of the weapon. A milisecond after the head of the weapon strikes a target, the load sensors inside start a chain reaction. Drawing on the suits power supply, the dimensional differential engine inside the head of the weapon opens. The gate opened is only viable for a second or so, and then collapses onto itself. For that duration of a second, the mass of the hammer increases exponentially. Instead of being hit by a massive metal hammer weighing 70 pounds, the target has been hit the force of a large automobile moving at high speed. Thus, a power armor soldier can hit another armored trooper and send him flying like a rag doll or knock down a building with a hammer strike.

Drawback: The blitzhammer is complicated and difficult to make, and it is restrictively expensive. Also, soldiers carrying these large obvious weapons are usually given preferred target status. Hyperedge blades remain much more common.

Lore: The Blitzhammer was created by the mad scientists of the Eurasian Alliance. Given their love of arcanotechnology over hypertechnology, it is little surprise they found a way to put a dimensional generator inside a weapon as simple as a hammer. The weapon has a spotted and turbulent past. The Atlantic Federation created the impressive Hyperedge Blade, and the EA was forced to follow suit and create a similar but more powerful weapon. The blitzhammer was plagued with technical difficulties, cost overruns, and production accidents. Eventually the weapon escaped development hell and entered general service. Given the weapons impressive power, crushing tanks, knocking mechs down with a well aimed shot, and what not, the hammer soldiers suddenly became favorite targets of enemy gunners. The weapon remains a EA exclusive. It is a favorite for Eurasian propagandists.

Twist: Blitzhammers have in the past exploded, creating a short lived dimensional vortex. Usually this simply sucks in everything in a small radius. But sometimes they allow a cosmic type horror to stagger into creation. Thus far, the first has happened six times, and the latter once.

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