A truly massive maul, taller than most men (2.2m/7.2'). The handle is made of dark, worn oak; the head, unyielding granite. The two parts are bound together with tooled leather, of the same kind as forms the handle wrappings. An inscription on the head reads, "I shall pass". The entire weapon is extraordinarily heavy, even for a hammer; weighing in at approximately 47 kilos (103 lbs), the weapon is rather difficult to carry, much less swing in a battle.


As the name implies, Gateshatter is designed to remove barriers. While abnormally heavy under most conditions, when swung at any form of barrier, the weapon becomes light as a feather on the wind. Easily capable of demolishing armor and doors, Gateshatter truly shines when confronted with a magical barrier, all but the most powerful of which it will rend asunder.


When not actively being used to destroy a physical obstacle, Gateshatter is extremely heavy, almost to the point of unusability.


  • Originally commissioned and used by The Hero to defeat The Sorcerer, a man known for his unbreakable defensive spells, which let him defeat any and all opposition with ease.
  • Utterly demolished the gates of Svalisgard, the only time the city's fabled defenses were breached.
  • Helped ease the way for the peaceful resolution of the bitter 7 year war between Svalisgard and Uttenheim.


Gateshatter also provides a minor bonus to breaking social barriers as well, smoothing over the frayed tempers of noblemen and cutting through the bureaucrat's red tape.

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