A massive polar bear's fang encased in mithril, with runes of ivory inlaid over much of the surface. The runes record the names and great deeds of each shaman who has wielded this weapon in the past.


The Fang has the ability to freeze on contact almost anything in nature. Plunging it into water will cause thick ice to form, while driving it into a body will inflict massive internal freezing on the victim. The freezing effect continues for as long as the Fang remains in contact with the body, so it is possible to completely freeze a victim from the inside out by simply driving the fang into his chest and leaving it there for 30 seconds. It is possible for the Fang to become embedded deeply in ice of its own creation, however, if the user is not careful with it. Additionally, polar bears will not attack the wielder of this item.


The Fang must be used while wearing gloves. Otherwise, the sweat from combat or fear (sweaty palms) may cause it to freeze on contact with the user’s skin. The effect is similar to licking a cold flagpole. It is also highly ineffective against metals and other inorganic substances, and may do even less damage than a normal dagger if it does not come into contact with flesh or something that it can freeze.


During the Runes War of two centuries past, the shaman Ursuol is said to have assumed the form of a great bear to do battle with the Frost Giants of Ulgor. He defeated the frost giant chief, but was mortally wounded in the process. Still in bear form, Ursuol ripped out one of his own fangs, soaked in the blood of the frost giant chief, and gave it to his successor. This item was crafted from that very tooth.

From that time, there have been many great shamans of the Modoc tribe, each wielding Winter’s Fang in defense of his or her people. And in times of great peril, it is even said that the spirit of Ursuol himself may possess the current wielder and prowl about in bear form once again.


After the wielder has built up a long rapport with Winter’s Fang, it is possible to conquer the weapon's abilities entirely. If plunged into his own chest, the Fang may choose to "accept" the bearer instead of killing him, and the user will gain the ability to turn into a great polar bear at will. This effect lasts only as long as the user is fighting the enemies of the Modoc tribe, or some other common enemy.

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