A largish, masculine ring of solid platinum, set with seven precious stones within the royal family crest of Adelheim. On the inside of the band is the inscription: “To thy brothers and thyself be true”


For each of the other Kings' Items that are found and pledged to the same cause, a stone on this ring will begin to glow softly. As each stone lights up, a new benefit is bestowed upon the wearer.

  • Amethyst (purple): Bonuses to diplomacy. The bearer's words have additional weight, and the force of his presence is enhanced during all social encounters. For each other stone that lights up, these bonuses increase slightly.
  • Pearl (black): Disguises. The bearer gains the ability to change details about his appearance. These increase in number and power as the other stones also light up.
  • Topaz (golden yellow): Charms. The bearer gains the ability to put others around him at ease. The number of people affected (and the potency of the charm) increases as more stones become active.
  • Jacinth (fiery orange): Ability to speak other languages. Acts as a universal translator, with the bearer gaining greater fluidity as more of the stones light up.
  • Emerald (green): Protective ward against missiles. Hampers the ability of assassins using long-range weapons.
  • Ruby (red): Invisibility. The bearer suppresses his force of personality, becoming almost completely unnoticeable by others around him. They may still "see" him, but they will not react.
  • Star Sapphire (blue): Telepathy. The bearer is able to sense the thoughts and feelings of those in the same room with him. He may even be able to communicate with one of them silently by focusing his will.


As with the other Kings' Items, the price of betrayal is quite high. If the bearer of this ring ever severs the trust of those who carry the others, it will lose all but one of its powers and the other bearers will become instantly aware that one of their number has betrayed them. The ring then acts as a minor cursed item when it comes to social engagements. The wearer will say more than he meant to, or his words will be misconstrued in the worst possible way. Offense will be taken where only good intentions were meant, and attempts at intimidation will be laughed off.


Chosen by Pharius The Diplomat. Golden-eyed and honey-tongued, Pharius was already highly skilled at court intrigue before being crowned one of the Seven Kings of Adelheim on his 25th birthday. With this ring he kept the kingdom safe from outside conspiracy, and became a renowned negotiator in times of both peace and war. After his death, it was preserved as a family heirloom within the royal vaults.


While most of the King’s items have abilities that must be activated, several of the Ring’s abilities are engaged all the time. When the bearer gains the ability to speak other languages, for instance, that ability never fades (unless the Ring's user or the enough bearers of the other items abandon the cause). It is left up to the GM which abilities to make passive, though bonuses to diplomacy and the protective ward against missiles are also good candidates.

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