This golden haired, brown eyed princess wears dresses of red or black silk, embossed with jewels, and allways tries to look good for her loved one.


Princess Amelia Sempill was in love, happily and some would say, behind her back madly so. So happy was she that she wanted all the singles at her court to feel love too, and decided to do what she could both covertly and overtly to arrange love matches. Privately, she and her most trusted servant would write love messages with forged signatures on them and they would sneak around the palace grounds in the middle of the night posting them to courtiers and servants alike.

The results from this secret matchmaking were mixed, to say the least. Certainly, two or three happy coupledoms formed as a result. Most likely these people were on the verge of being in love with each other anyway but were too shy to admit it to each other. However, it also broke up a few couples who the Princess was unaware had formed, when the boyfriend or the girlfriend found the forged love notes, accused their partner of cheating on them and stormed out.

In at least one case it caused a sword duel between two high ranking courtiers over a girl that only one of them wanted anyway, when the other one was in effect framed up by a secret letter. He angrily denied sending the letter, angry words were exchanged, words became blows and then it descended into a duel in which the girls boyfriend was killed and the other courtier had to flee the country to avoid a murder trial.

She would also, on occasion, put love potions into the drinks of high-ranking courtiers with the intention of making them fall in love with each other when they drank when looking into each others eyes. It didnt always work as intended, causing a duke to fall in love with the happily married wife of an earl, and a minor count with a promising future in front of him to fall headlong in love with a chambermaid and end up disinherited by his parents and scorned by his fellow nobles.

On occasion, she has overtly suggested to her courtiers and ladies that they become couples. Since defying the royal will of the Princess, whilst not treason, would not be good for a courtier or a ladys future advancement in court, couples have formed that in reality cannot stand each other, whilst other coupledoms are false on both sides and just exist when the Princess happens to be around.

Special Equipment

A gold bracelet that is in fact hollow and filled with a very powerful love potion, that only takes a drop or two to affect somebody if put into a drink.

Roleplaying Notes

Amelis is obsessed with romance, both her own one and the romances of other people, which she often attempts to generate. She has no objection to the sight of lovers cuddling and kissing in public, finding it cute when others in her royal circle find it downright disgusting.

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