1-Wa Scepter

This is the traditional grave Scepter placed in the hands of the dead Emperors of Ka-Phum, and is made of green marble and enchanted to hit a grave robber as hard as if it was made of steel without breaking. Most likely to be encountered in the long-dead hands of one of the Bandage Beastswhen the holder is slain the Scepter rises and attacks on it's own, and is as hard to break as a well made steel sword is. It can be grabbed and held but will be hard to hold down, as hard as holding down a strong man would be.

2-Puppy Scepter

In ages past, when the Empire of Ka-Phum still existed, this three foot long scepter made from wood of the Dogwood Tree had the power to summon snarling dogs from far and wide against the foe, and just as importantly, to control them once they got there so they didn't attack their summoner. Sadly time has passed and it's once mighty magics have been leached away through time, until the once fearsome relic can now only summon puppies. Once a day, it can summon 2D6 puppies to the owner's location. If looked after and treated well, the puppies will eventually become fine pets, but at the time of summoning, they are near helpless. At the moment, the scepter is in the hands of a couple who own a pet store business in the city of Pier Point.

3-Beggar's Scepter

The beggars of Old London Town have their own guild, and it's head, who has shown himself or herself to be the best beggar and petty thief of them all, has a seemingly valueless scepter that is the symbol of his power. Not for him the gold and jewel encrusted scepters of the other guilds. His is of the plainest wood, is dirty and dusty, and is tipped with a plain gray pebble, but it does grant him symbolic authority over his guild. Of course, he backs his authority up with a large number of sturdy beggars who are ready to break heads of errant guild members if need be.

4-Sceptre of Animal Command

This scepter of carved ivory grants it's owner powers of limited animal control, but it varies with the owner's own magical powers. An arch-mage could have almost perfect control over even powerful animals with this, a non-mage will just gain a few seconds to draw a weapon and back off. With magic users, the more powerful the user of magic is, the more power the scepter has over animals. It was made by a Druid.

5-Sceptre of the Daughter

The strange Scepter of the Daughter can be used to turn a male into a daughter for someone-and make *her* act like one as well, unable to tell anyone who she is, try to escape or attack anyone. How strong the geas is varies on how the new daughter is treated. Abuse of any kind or trying to use her as a slave will rapidly weaken the geas until the person regains full control over the body and turns back into who they are, but as long as the magically disguised male is treated with love and respect, they are trapped in that daughter role. Perhaps Dracia Eldren is willing to pay the PCs well to take that scepter from it's currant owner. It is assumed this golden scepter tipped with rose quartz was made by a mage or witch whose daughter died and who wanted a replacement.

6-Fire Scepter

This is the famed Ruby Scepter, which has some potent fire magics, but becomes unstable and dangerous to use after only a few uses per day. Too much use will cause it to explode and kill the owner and everybody nearby. Currently it is in the hands of an Orc warlord.

7-Sceptre of Undead Command

Made of human bones, this sinister scepter, when in the hands of a necromancer of sufficient power, will enable the control of all kinds of lesser undead including Ironbones, although it is not strong enough to control the Greater Undead such as litches. Currently it is in the hands of Zadok the Lich, who can control whole companies of undead with it. Sadly for the PCs, unless there are any necromancers amongst them this will grant them very little power.

8-Sceptre of Nobility

Made of fine gold with fine jewels embedded in it for the highest ranking nobles, silver with garnets embedded it it for the lesser nobility, and wood with quartz embedded in it for the gentry, holding one of these not only marks you out as of that rank ( non nobles get into severe trouble if caught with one of these) it also lets one know how to behave in the court, letting them know the important Court Etiquette:Do's and Don'ts which will be very helpful if the PCs are trying to get help from members of the nobility or just infiltrating a noble or royal vourt.

9-Mayor's Scepter

This scepter of oak is painted and gilded with the coat of arms of a city and serves as the mayor's symbol of office. It has no known magical powers.

10-Stun Scepter

It is against royal protocol for a princess of the country of Elohaloth to carry a sword or any kind of spray to protect herself, so this elegant scepter, when the tip of it touches skin, acts like a taser, thus enabling the princess to defend herself in an emergency.

11-Balisword Scepter

Made as a royal battle weapon, this steel scepter has a hinged top and opens to reveal a razor sharp balisword. Whilst it has no known magical powers it is a dangerous weapon.

12-Sun Scepter

This can be used to move the planet faster or slower around it's star, making the sun seem to move up or down or preventing it from rising at all. Improper use can send the planet tumbling out of it's orbit either towards the sun or away from it, resulting in death by heat or cold. It is only used once a decade by the Von Der Tann royal family to show their power over the Sun itself.

13-Heal Scepter

In the power of a master healer, this can heal the worst of wounds, but in the hands of most people they can only heal smaller wounds. In stats terms, this heals 1D6 HP per day in the hands of an average PC, 2D6 HP per day in the hands of a mage, and up to 100 HP per day in the hands of a Master Healer who has dedicated his or her life to the art of healing.

14-Sheild Scepter

This steel scepter creates a powerful magic shield over the holder that can take up a lot of punishment before it cracks, but it prevents any sound coming from the holder's mouth as long as the shield is activated. This stops the holder using magic or issuing orders or commands in battle, or calling for help if the threat is a would be robber, kidnapper or assassin.

15-Tireless Scepter

Whoever holds this Scepter of ivory and ebony will never get tired-until they let go of it for any reason, which means they will sleep for up to two full days depending on how long they have held it for, and will be very hard to wake up during this time. It was made for a king who wished to answer as many petitions and questions in the royal audience chamber as possible and it made him a popular ruler with the nobles and the general public outright.

16-Jester's Scepter

A carved wooden staff with a silly face on it that is brightly painted, this is the staff of office of a Jester. Some of the funniest and most skilled jesters have got away with using this to mock royalty, the Jester standing up for the king and using ventriloquism to make the silly face say that the king is a fool. Because this can be used to get at least a chance of meeting nobility and even royalty, some places make it an offense for anyone who is not a properly funny Jester to own let alone carry in public one of these.

17-Water Parter

This golden scepter with a blue sapphire set into the top of it has the power to part water. An average person can only part very shallow water using this, whilst an archmage of great power could part a crack in the sea wide enough to get an army through. Against water elementals it damages them greatly. Perhaps the ruler of an island wants to pay the PCs to break into a fort and steal this from another ruler before he can fully train his army and then part the water and send his army to conquer the island.

18-Age Scepter

This leaches vitality from those nearby at the rate of 1 HP a day per person, at too small a rate for them to notice, ad in doing so prevents the holder of the scepter from aging, even as those around him or her age at twice the normal aging rate because they are being leeched from. The lost HP can be regained by magic or eating provisions but the faster aging is permanent.

19-Advisor Scepter

A great king of the past had his soul placed inside this golden, jewel encrusted royal scepter so he could advise future monarchs. Sadly for him, the currant monarch does not like his advice and has had him placed in the dead hands of the former king and buried him. After years underground in the dark he has gone rather crazy.

20-Slaver's Scepter

When a slave is branded with a special magical brand, the owner of this silver scepter will be able to make any number of slaves in his or her sight who are branded in that way toil away at the hardest work until they drop without stopping, revolting or trying to escape. The slaves are fully aware in their minds of what is happening but are helpless to do anything about it. They cannot be made to attack or hurt anyone however, to stop slave owners from using their slaves as soldiers or assassins to attack other free men. If the scepter is ever broken,the slaves will regain their control of their own bodies which generally never ends well for the slaver.

21-Sceptre of Calm

Whoever holds this bronze scepter will be calm and unable to freak out over anything. It is owned by the royal family of the Von Der Tanns and is traditionally used when governing. In fact, royal edicts and decrees are not legally valid if they are not made when holding this scepter. In effect it is a kind of magical Valium that ensures that orders are not given in anger. If it were to be stolen the Von Der Tanns would do almost anything to get it back.

22-Love Scepter

Made of pink crystal with a heart symbol on the top of it, this scepter was made for Princess Amelia, Princess of Lovebirds and can cast Infatuation spells twice a day, and the far more powerful True love spell twice a month. Infatuation is a weaker love spell that is dispelled if the other person rejects the would be lover, whilst the True Love spell is far stronger and requests a quest all of it's own to cure it. To avoid creating stalkers, the Princess generally uses her two casts a month of the True Love spell both at once, resulting in several happy marriages a year.

23-Magic Boon Scepter

This looks amazing and gives off an aura of great power, as if it belongs to an Archmage, but in fact only increases someone's Magic stats by a mere +1. It makes the owner feel far more powerful then they really are, however, and gives them very severe delusions of grandeur. It was made by a wizard for a rival wizard to destroy the rival wizard's reputation.

24-Magic Bane Scepter

This plain iron scepter prevents all and any magic being cast within thirty feet of it. Fireballs fizzle out if they are created by magic, curses disappear, magical weapons become normal weapons, and magically created lesser undead fall apart. But it's price is that if the PCs have it they cannot cast any magic either, even healing or resurrection spells failing to work, and their own magical weapons lose their powers too. Great power, but it is a bane as well as a boon. If used for too long, the owner can never cast any magic ever again. Currently it is in the hands of the Master of the very anti-magic knightly Hexenjager Order.

26-Police Scepter

Made of oak, three feet long, and painted blue, this doubles as both the symbol of a policeman on duty and his weapon for dealing with violent or mouthy lawbreakers. Only the police may legally carry one of these.

27-Banker's Scepter

This staff of gold, when twirled clockwise three times, unlocks the strong vaults of the banks, revealing the gold bullion and/or money stored within. Twirling it three times anticlockwise closes and locks the vaults again. As you can imagine, the security around these scepters is very tight.

28-Fear Scepter

Made by a grumpy mage who was fed up of people asking him for favors, the Fear Scepter gives other people a mild to moderate fear of the holder. In the hands of the really scary people, this power is greatly magnified. Currently it is in the hands of a loan shark somewhere and he finds it to be a great help in his illegal trade.

29-Sceptre of Stupidity

Someone cast this spell on a royal scepter to make the monarch come up with stupid decisions and alienate the people and the nobles alike, which he did. His country is now a republic. Whoever holds this or stays close to it loses the ability to make good judgements.

30-Farseeing Scepter

When used in conjunction with a crystal ball, this cannot see into the future but it can be used to spy on people, if their names and rough locations are known, and find out what they are talking about. Very useful for spying, it is currently owned by the head of the secret police of the kingdom that is ruled by the Von Der Tanns.

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The Staff of the Daughter is used as a kinder method of dealing with royal pretenders then slaying, blinding or imprisoning them. As long as the family they are sent to is kind to them, they are unable to say who they once were to anyone, let alone start a revolt.