Yen-Tu a.k.a. The Dragon Lady is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Her age is indeterminate as she looks youthful yet she is obviously more mature. She is above average height and her shapely body is honed to precision from years of active exercise. Her long lustrous black hair reaches almost to her well rounded buttocks. Her emerald green almond shaped eyes can captivate at a glance. As a call girl, she paints her face white, her lips blood red and shadows her eyes with black. Her hair is rolled into a tight bun, pinned in place with a pair of small silver sais. It gives her a mysterious and alluring look that men, especially those she targets, find irresistible. Across her back is a multicolored tattoo of an oriental dragon embracing a beautiful young woman, hence her trade name.

Yen-Tu rarely uses her true name. To all who ask, she is the Dragon Lady. She is the only child of a Yakuza Guild Master. Her mother died during child birth, leaving her father with no heir. He remarried but not before sending Yen-Tu away since the culture did not allow female children to inherit family estates.

From youth, she has been trained in the art of pleasure by the master geishas of her homeland. Her studies also included martial arts for the self discipline skills, art, music and etiquette. She returned to her fathers home when she was 18 to find her step-mother has produced an heir. Yen-Tus father did not recognize her and she did not let him know who she was. She sought a position in the Guild. Additional training in martial arts taught her how to kill with a single blow across the throat or the nose.

Yen-Tu found that men were attracted to her like flies to honey. She used her sexuality to advance through the ranks and gain additional training with weapons and tools of the trade from some of the higher ranking members of the guild. At age 24, she was assigned the task of assassinating a rival guild leader. She used her sexuality to attract his attention and as they made love that evening, she killed him during the act with a blow to the throat. She escaped before his body was found. She found her calling.

Special Equipment
Yen-Tu carries only her small sais for weapons. They are used to pin her hair in a bun and can be removed quickly if needed. Her martial arts skills are near master level. She generally kills her assigned target at the moment of climax while having sex with him. It is the targets most vulnerable moment. She makes her escape before the body is found.

Roleplaying Notes
Yen-Tu only wears her geisha style makeup when she is in the brothel she is working at the time or with her intended target. In public, she will wear silk robes that allow her tremendous freedom of movement in case she is required to defend herself. She will not have sex with any PCs no matter what they offer in exchange, unless they are the intended target, in which case she will act the part of a high class geisha to the hilt.

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