From 30 Princesses No. 20:

Being the offspring of King Norman Drado and his foreign Queen, who is of dryad descent, Princess Kosuranda has inherited the exotic colouring of her mother- a milky pink with a sheen of light gold. She is a dainty creature with long flowing hair of the colour of oak and large round eyes of emerald.

Despite her half-dryad heritage, Princess Kosuranda is a serious-minded scholar of science and scoffs at the notion of there being superstitions. To this end, she often does things that are considered taboo in an attempt to prove that commonly held superstitions are nothing but made up tales. In fact, she is often seen in her private banquet hall holding demonstrations for her retinue of maids and guards (and any unfortunate courtiers who she chances upon) in which she 'disproves' a superstition. Always, no harm ever befalls her and she would conclude triumphantly that she is right and happily go back to her scholarly pursuits. Never does she turn her head around to see all kinds of mayhem happening in her wake- courtiers tripping over each other, chandeliers dropping down on toes etc.

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes
2 likely scenarios where this princess would have a role:
a) A foreign prince (of the bumbling scientist type) falls head-in-heels in love with Princess Kosuranda. Mindful of the devastating power of her bad luck, he commissions the PCs to find a solution to the problem

b) The Princess is kidnapped! Good riddance, you say. But alas, the Kingdom is defeated and she is supposed to be married off to the unbeknownst conqueror as a bribe in a fortnight's time. Finding her proves to be no problem (due to bad luck falling on her captors). But what would happen when the princess is in the hands of the PCs who have to bring her back- what bad luck will fall on them?

Explaining the "curse"
Princess Kosuranda's bad luck curse is caused by her rejection of her innate magic. The curse will be lifted if she can be persuaded to delve into magic.

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