Brown hair, brown eyes, a muscular body and a grim look on his face, as he hardly ever smiles.


John Brown was the son of a police officer who came from a family that had been in law enforcement for three generations. He and his close friend and partner, whilst they never broke any of the major rules of policing, would occasionally put themselves into dangerous situations. They would pursue criminals into dangerous locations, without always taking their full equipment with them, as it would weigh as it would weigh them down in a foot chase.

On one hot summer's evening, they tried to stop a man who was behaving suspiciously beside a bank, and he turned and ran. Neither of them was wearing their stab-proof vests as it had been such a hot day, nor were they carrying their full range of police equipment, as it was a routine patrol.
The fleeing fugitive ran around a bend, pulled out a flick-knife and stabbed John Brown's partner twice through the heart, then went for John, slashing him across the stomach before John beat him down with his police baton and radioed for urgent assistance.

John's wound was slight, although it did leave a scar, but his partner was dead on arrival at hospital. From then on John was a different officer, always suiting up more then he needed to, and never making a random stop without radioing for assistance and finding out what was happening and if the suspect was likely to be armed. If he thought he would be in danger, he would use his Taser.

Four serious complaints were levelled against him. One was dropped after evidence from a camera showed he had acted rightly, on one case he went to trial and was acquitted, a third person withdrew his case (rumours went around that the other police officers threatened the person to make him drop the charges) but the fourth was made by two fellow officers who were badly injured by a crowd after he was slow to come to their aid.

There was an internal inquiry and again he was acquitted, but he was not popular with the other officers on the force, who often refused to talk with him when off duty, as it was widely felt that whilst he may have been legally in the right, he had left his fellow officers to the mercy of the thugs who beat them up.

Special Equipment

Two types of police batons, a stabproof or a bulletproof vest, pepper spray, a Taser, his radio, a lucky charm that he wears next to his skin, three pairs of handcuffs, and gloves and a helmet. In his car he has riot control equipment, and if he is in a country where police carry guns, he will have a fully loaded pistol on his belt as well.

If he is a City Guard in a fantasy world, he will be fully armoured and will have the full range of the equipment that they have access to.

Roleplaying Notes

He never rushes into anything on duty, taking the slow and steady approach even when that might lead to the criminal he is chasing evading capture. Some of hs fellow officers are fustrated with him, but they do not know just how deeply the loss of his close friend and fellow officer has affected him. He has an over the top fear of being killed on duty.

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