Prince Hakon is a young man in his early 20s. His height is average, at 58. He weighs in at a 145 lbs. He looks like any other non-descript sailor in any port town. Prince Hakon is quite unaware of his pirate prince status. He has a rather odd tattoo on his back, in the shape of a little known island chain. The center island of the chain is of a different color than the other islands in the tattoo. It is a map to a secret stronghold used by his father.

Prince Hakons father was a pirate prince and his mother was a tavern wench. Hakons father promised to take care of her if she produced an heir. When Prince Hakon was born, his father tattooed the location of his hidden stronghold on the childs back. Hakon was a young boy of six onboard his fathers ship when it was hit by a storm. Hakons father tried to guide the ship to a safe harbor but the storm smashed the ship among the rocks. Most of the crew drowned, including Hakons father. The young boy survived, washing up on a beach not far from a port town. He was hundreds of miles from home and had no idea how to get back

Years later, his mother, not knowing the boy survived, mentioned the tattooed map to one of the patrons that frequented the tavern she still worked. She is aware of the general area where the island chain is located but not its exact location. The sailor, unknown to her, was one of the survivors of her husbands ship wrecked crew.

Hakon is now a sailor and although he knows about the tattoo, he has no idea what it means. He has shown it to a couple sages but they have not figured out what it means. Hakon knows where he was born but the ship he works on has never gone there.

Special Equipment
Hakon has no special equipment. He is an ordinary seaman working on a legitimate merchant ship. His map is his only treasure.

Roleplaying Notes
The possibilities are up to the GM as there are so many

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