Full Description

Amber Ross once was the six-year-old daughter of the local town mage. A generally sweet and winsome little girl most of the time, although she had her moments of bad temper, she hoped to learn magic and become a witch when she grew up. Not a wicked witch, but a good one, healing the sick and practising white magic and perhaps the occasional grey spell.

Sadly for her, she never got the chance to grow up. Unknown to her, her father was also living a secret life as the town necromancer, and he tried to raise the corpse of the recently deceased town mayor. He did it with the best of intentions-rather then trying to enslave the body, he was trying to bring the dead man back to life. But things went badly wrong, bringing the well-respected mayor back as a flesh-eating and ravenously hungry zombie, and worse, the proper pentagram that would have kept the undead at bay had not been drawn quite right.

The zombie tore apart and ate her father and mother, but when it saw her it was too full of human flesh to do more then give her a quick bite on the wrist before leaving.
She passed out for a few minutes and when she woke up, new and inhuman thoughts filled her mind. She went out and brought one of her best friends home, little Katie Robsart, telling her that she wanted to have some cookies, and when they got home, she stabbed Katie with a carving knife, tore her apart and ate her down to the bones, licking them clean.

Additional Information

At the moment, having been so recently created, and with her bite mark covered by a coral bracelet, Amber appears to be a normal six year old girl, with brown hair and brown eyes.

After a few days, assuming she survives that long, her brown eyes will go white, flies will start buzzing around her, her flesh will go a greenish grey and start to rot, and she will unmistakably be revealed as what she is, a miniture zombie.

But right now, unless it is noticed that the meat she is so happily chewing on is in fact human flesh, she seems like any other little girl. Until it is too late. Adults will easily be able to despatch her, but children her own age and younger are her favoured prey.

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