Bethany is a young woman of about 16 to 18 years. She stands 5'8" and weights about 110 lbs. Her short cut hair is brown, her eyes hazel. She has long thin arms with delicate long fingered hands. She is wearing a leather jerkin and trousers with a grey woolen hooded cloak clasped at her neck. A large brown and black guard dog sleeps at her feet.

The young woman sits alone at a corner table, her back to the wall. She is sipping a beverage from a pottery tankard. She is dressed in all leather with a grey hooded cloak clasped at his neck. Her hair is brown, cut short. A pair of bloodshot eyes looks up mournfully, tears staining the flushed cheeks. At her feet is a large sleeping dog.

Bethany appears distraught about something. She quietly dismisses any questions about her wellbeing saying she is fine. If she is questioned quietly and in a friendly manner, and her dog does not seem to dislike the person questioning her, she will explain her dilemma.

Bethanys father and brother insist that she marry a neighboring lord who is old and a tyrant. The marriage is to secure some additional prime farmland for her fathers estate. She wants nothing to do with the man as she is in love with another man who has promised to meet her at this tavern. He is two days late. Bethany fears the worst and wants to leave before her father or brother locates her.

She is willing to pay a nominal fee for someone if they will find her missing lover or escort her to the next largest town (a weeks journey one way). She has some minor spell casting skill and a well trained guard dog to help keep her safe.

Special Equipment
Hidden in her cloak is a dirk. It is the only weapon she owns. A hidden pocket inside her jerkin contains a mapcase with a sheaf of parchments that serve as her spellbook. There is also a pouch with a small amount of gold and a few small gemstones.

Roleplaying Notes
The party can help her to her destination, help find her lover or leave her alone. Her training as a mage is limited to skills for research and divination. She has no real offensive spell knowledge and some minor defensive spells.

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