Captain America, the First Avenger

Captain America was created with a secret serum, and possibly a treatment in what looked like a vertical iron lung, translating over to an injection of a serum derived from secretive means, followed by genetic modification giving Cap super strength, super reflexes, and super durability. He favors old school fisticuffs over martial arts, and has extensive military training and experience.

Equipment: Light combat suit, an assortment of guns, and an energy absorbing shield. The shield is invulnerable to energy, light, and heat based weapons, and drastically decreases damage from other sources with ease.

Notable Skills: Leadership, Tactics, Hand to Hand combat

Notable traits: Stoic, Old Fashioned

Notable Flaws: Cap is a Man out of Time. He spent decades in cryosleep to awaken in a world where most of the people and things he knew are dead, dying, or changed greatly from what he remembers. He has resisted integrating into the modern Cosmic Era and its culture of flash and sex.

Iron Man

Tony Stark is hyper intelligent, an easy if not cheap genetic modification, billionaire, philanthropist, and international playboy. He heads a megacorp that has deep roots in arcanotech, weapons, and clean energy. He is narcissistic, and has a micro-reactor implanted in his chest, making him a cyborg.

Equipment: Cutting edge Power armor suit with prototype accessories and gear. JARVIS, a custom built artificial intelligence, very large catalog of weapons.

Notable Skills: Arcanotechnology, Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Robotics, Programming, Flight/Power Armor, Marksmanship, many others.

Notable Traits: Genius, Charming, Improvised Technology

Notable Flaws: Hubris, the technology that Tony creates frequently falls to the wrong hands, or ends up turning against him. Alcoholism.

The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner is a genius like Stark, but is hampered by the fact that he has been compromised/infected by massive amounts of gamma radiation. In the Cosmic Era, Hulk is a Desolate One, Banner's human soul was fused with an alien entity under the aegis of a high energy dimensional fatigue event. His composite soul gives him massive strength and almost godly endurance. Switching between the two forms is taxing, and Banner doesn't entirely understand his other half, but he is still a very intelligent person, with an uncharacteristically gentle heart. Despite his massive power, he dislikes violence and destruction.

Equipment: Pants

Notable Skills: Arcanotechnology, High Energy Physics, Smashing Things, Dry wit.

Notable Traits: Invulnerable, Transcendent Strength, Fast, Hostile

Notable Flaws: Explosive Temper, Depressive Tendencies.


Thor is an alien prince, a supreme warrior and wields Mjolner, one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. In the Cosmic Era, Thor is an Alpha. He has been genetically engineered and tailored from birth to be an absolute paragon of human ability. On top of this, he is awakened as a parapsychic with telekinesis and electrokinesis. Thor is a Scandinavian Ultra-Warrior, moving away from the ideal of the soldier and towards the idea of the human demigod.

Equipment: Mjolner, a high power blitzhammer, metallic reinforced Asgard style armor.

Notable Skills: Oration, Strategy, Tactics, Hand to Hand Combat, Power Weapon Use, Leadership.

Notable Traits: Charming, Exception strength, exceptional endurance, Destiny

Notable Flaws: Loki, Anachronistic behavior.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov is a master assassin and an expert at misdirection, interrogation, and surveillance. Romanov has extensive training, spending years in the 'Red Room', a training construct used to train elite agents in months rather than years. Her personality and psyche have been dissected, modified and reassembled to make her the perfect sensual spy and assassin. She does her job exceptionally well. She has minor to moderate genetic mods, what would be normal for a mass produced superspy government program.

Equipment: A variety of handguns, a black stealth suit, an assortment of rifles, spy gadgets, gas grenades, knives, a motorcycle, and more crazy-prepared weapons and ammo.

Notable Skills: Interrogation, Surveillance, Hand to hand combat, Firearms Use, Drive/Motorcycle

Notable Traits: combat reflexes, stoic, adaptable

Notable Flaws: Red in the Ledger, Romanov is haunted by her past deeds. Sterilized and suppressed PTSD from the Red Room Treatment, Trust issues.


The Hawk is in his nest. Hawkeye is a master assassin and soldier who uses the bow as his unconventional weapon. This is no accident. He is genetically and cybernetically enhanced with improved reflexes, improved vision, and other modifications suiting a would be super spy/super soldier. He has his own secrets and retains a family outside the knowledge of most of the administration.

Equipment: Composite Bow, smart quiver with assorted arrows including grappling hooks, explosive, shrapnel, thermite, and plenty other warheads, handguns and knives, light combat suit.

Notable Skills: Archery Adept, Hawkeye has the ability to alter the flight path of arrows after he has shot them. Clairvoyance (tied to archery), hand to hand combat.

Notable Traits: Augmented Sight. Parapsychic abilities

Notable Flaws: Has mundane family, human level vulnerability

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