"At first we thought an angel'd come down to lead us in the fight, all silvery and draped in steam. Instead, she drew us out of the wreck of our artillery, all of us except Simmons, who we could hear screaming in fear when... Something else came fer him. None of us wanted to leave the poor bastard, but we couldn't deny her will. When the time comes, sir, we'll drop a shell right on Fenrir's thick skull fer you, and fer Simmons."
-Gunner Jameson Jurgens, deceased


Standing nearly ten feet tall, Verdichtung appears to her chosen ones as a beautiful and powerful warrior woman, clad from neck to toe in thick, heavy armor, encrusted with eternally turning gears, while vast clouds of steam boil forth from every joint. Great wings extend from her back, all constructed of silvery metal fragments like feathers, connected by an intricate system of gears and pistons to her body.

At her side, she carries in a single hand a weapon usually served by entire crews of men, a six barreled, steam-driven machine-gun, whose ten pressure gauges fluctuate wildly with every motion Verdichtung makes, and which spits thunder and lightning wherever it is turned, shattering the battlefield.

As the steam revolution began, mighty Odin looked upon the battlefield, and saw how the world and their way of war had changed. And he saw that many valiant warriors, warriors he would require at the day of Ragnarok, were dying, and being left behind by the Valkyries who understood not these new ways. And so, he raised his hand, and created a new reaper of the dead, a child of war wrought with steam and steel and lead, to range through those who fought with guns and tanks, and to lead them to his ranks. And so, Verdichtung was born, and loosed upon the world.

Like her sister valkyries, Verdichtung exists to find the souls of the consummate warrior, and return them to Valhalla. A goddess of death, she is merciless, and like her sisters, though there are those who are glad to see her indeed. Unlike her sisters, however, she is specialized in finding the brave and accurate amongst gunners, tank crews, and bombadiers, reaping them so that they might serve as artillery in the Final War.

When the time comes, and Ragnarok is upon us, she shall lead the tanks along the front lines, commanding the power of the artillery through the very radios that served them upon the Earth, and the children of Darkness shall learn the power of steam and steel indeed.

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