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Professor Christoffen's boiler boots are rather clunky articles of footwear. Made from brass and leather, they weigh an almost embarrassing amount. When worn, they extend to just below the knee, with a small boiler attached to what would be the outside of the leg. Numerous tubes and pipes extend from the small boilers to the oversized sole of the boots. Looking at the wearer, you would think that he got them in the wrong size, they look very large on anyone that they fit properly.


Professor Jack Christoffen was an anomaly among his fellow scholars. Having been born with an unusually large frame, visitors to the university often mistook him for either a hired guard or a coach for aetherball. Christoffen didn't mind much, though. He always enjoyed the double takes that they invariably did when they realized that he was THE Jack Christoffen, one of the foremost experts on miniaturized steam systems.
At one point, he actually was commissioned by the university's aetherball team to create an 'edge' for them, for they were going up against a rival team soon, the notorious Steam Weevils from Unterhault. Relishing the challenge, Christoffen set out brainstorming. After some research, he found that the Steam Weevils, though highly fast and mobile on the ground, had sacrificed much in the way of aerial superiority to achieve their degree of speed. Deciding that this was something he could capitalize on, Christoffen set out to build the team the 'edge' that they needed.

Steam Powered Properties

Though heavy, the boiler boots give their wearer a distinct ability: an almost insane degree of leaping. Though restricted to a walking pace on the ground, the boots can easily launch the wearer from ten to fifteen feet into the air. The landing, which would normally be bone breaking, is not simply cushioned by the boots but actually used to further compress the steam. Jumping multiple times in quick succession, the wearer will notice an considerable increase in maximum height. The current record for height achieved is roughly thirty feet, when worn by a man with considerable endurance. Uses have since been found for them off the aetherball field, as explorers have used them to cross gaps and cross barriers. They recently had a bit of bad press though, as they were implicated in the murder spree of the now-infamous Torch-street Stomper, known for wearing the heavy boots and then launching himself on to unsuspecting foes.

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