"These things? Best purchase I ever made, mate. Lets you see the Aether clear as day. Helped me keep a few choice projects from going up in my face, they have. No engineer worth his kit goes without a pair."

-Dellas Fench, thaumaturgic engineer

Full Item Description

Hefty goggles built from hefty leather straps, brass frames, thick green glass etched with nearly invisible patterns, and a set of copper wires extending down to a solid battery of thaumic energy, the Aetheric Goggles are a common sight among thaumaturges of all stripes.

The goggles themselves are fairly lightweight, and easily strap around the head, adjusting to easily fit most faces. The battery, however, is a bit bulky, weighing close to three pounds and most often strapped to the belt, giving it a lopsided tilt in most cases.

When in use, the lenses of the goggles glow with a faint light, and occasional multicolored sparks of waste energy spit from the battery's contacts.


"We can only surmise what marvels the Cadwall Factory might have produced if they'd taken the expense to properly outfit their engineers. Now, instead, we have the lovely Cadwall Memorial Lake. We don't advise swimming in it, it's quite heavily contaminated with thaumaturgic pollution."

-Matron Glokspiegel, showing a tourist around town

Thaumaturgical engineers have had difficulty in dealing with aetheric currents and the problem of how to deal with their unpredictable shifts when thaumaturgic equipment is put to use. Lacking the carefully honed inner senses of a mage, they had to commonly rely on complex calculations, which were wrong as often as they were right.

Then some bright young engineer had the idea of duplicating 'magesight' via engineering. It took him a few tries, and nearly cost him his eyesight when one pair exploded without warning, but soon enough he had a functional prototype.

Since then, the goggles have become indispensable tools and are the trademark of a thaumaturgic engineer, no matter the specialty.

Magic/Cursed Properties

When deactivated, the goggles simply do the job of any goggles, a bit more poorly than most due to the thickness and color of their lenses.
Activated, however, the goggles detect aetheric currents, and translate this information into a visual form for the wearer, permitting anyone thus equipped to determine when a piece of thaumatechnological equipment is being set up in a dangerous position, or if something is causing problems with the steady flows of thaumaturgic energy. Average battery life is two to six hours, depending on the charge and quality of the thaumic battery powering the goggles.

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