With his silvery scales of steel, his vast, and shining wings, and long and terrible claws, Ironwing is a sight to behold, a great dragon made all of iron and brass, belching steam from his fanged mouth.


Born well after Dr. Nicholas Farthing built his first Fabulous Engine, Ian Farthing had succumbed to the strange sicknesses that raced through the lands where his father's factory stood. His body was a twisted, and awful thing, even as an infant, and his crabbed arms and legs would never walk, nor would his malformed mouth ever speak. And to give birth to this monstrosity cost his weakened mother her very life.

Enraged at the gods for taking away his wife, sickly though she was, and twisting his son, Nicholas swore that Ian would not die, but rather, transcend mere humanity. And he began to draw his plans, and to build. A new body he built for his twisted son, in the form of the most powerful creatures of myth, and at its heart he placed the most refined of his Fabulous Engines, before splicing his own child into the machine's head.

It was long before Ian learned to appreciate this vast, and powerful body, spending much of his time shying away from the fear of the town's citizens, though his ability to work with this new form was surprisingly great, and he never quite lost his kinship with those who suffered from the strange diseases and maladies.

For a time, his father used him as an enforcer, the only human who seemed to appreciate him, to protect his factory, especially against the new idea of 'unions', until the reason for the sicknesses became understood. The "magical" material at the heart of the Fabulous engine was poison. Enraged, he turned upon his father, and slew him, destroying the very factories that birthed his mighty body. He swore that his father's engine would die, and began the process of hunting for them, and for the engineers that knew to build them...

Roleplaying Notes

Ian "Ironwing" Farthing is on a mission, and the accomplishment of that mission is everything to him - Even the lives of individuals mean nothing, if they stand in the way of saving humanity from his father's legacy. Unfortunately, lacking any particular way to sense the presence of the Fabulous Engine, he must rely on allies and spies to find them, so he cannot simply rampage over cities, much as he would prefer to - it would likely cost him his helpers.

He is able to identify each of those directly taught by his father to build the engines, and the engines themselves, when in operation, but will require additional information to find any further passings of the art.

Indeed, Ian's senses are relatively poor, due to the primitive, clockwork organs that are spliced inefficiently to his own to provide him with sight, sound, scent, and a parody of touch. Even so, he is formidable in combat, his mechanical construction lending him a strength and durability exceeding even that of the legendary beast he is patterned after, only enhanced by the broiling, radioactive steam he can discharge from his mouth, as if he were breathing flame.

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