Full Item Description
A simple helical gear, the Regenerative Cog is made of a strong and light metal. The surface is etched with various glyphs and strange formulae and the entire thing is plated in an alloy of quicksilver, gold, and iron. It is easy to replace a gear in a clockwork device with this magical object.

Magic/Cursed Properties
A Regenerative Cog has a twofold use. Any clockwork device utilizing such a cog will have minimal maintenance requirements as the Cog itself repairs broken teeth, and other small wear and tear issues. The second function is that a machine with a regenerative cog will literally pull itself back together if it is deliberately smashed. Each time it is forced to restore significant damage, the regenerative cog looses a tooth, permanently. Once enough teeth have been lost, it becomes a very expensive but completely mundane gear with broken teeth.

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