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A jelly-like mass that, when submitted to a mild thaumic discharge, starts an absolutely random movement, forming amoeba-like extrusions in all directions. While the material is very yielding to any pressure, once a charge is applied the form of the lump of jelly becomes solid as steel and can take several sledgehammer hits until it breaks into pieces that lose their shape once they lose contact with the thaumic current. Color may vary greatly, as can smell and taste. The usual form is distributed in round metal or plastic canisters of varying size, the color is dark amber while the substance smells faintly of heavy motor oil.
A byproduct of the production of an undisclosed piece of equipment, wobble jelly was first discarded by the Chunker factory as used and congealed motor oil. After an incident in which a thaumic battery was dropped in a can of the stuff the factory quickly changed its safety protocols (as much as they existed at the time) and the treatment of all byproducts of its production processes. The can in question was shredded to pieces and the piece of jelly jumping around on quickly protruding and retreating 'feet' was finally secured in a thick iron smelter.
After some research the basic properties and the process through which the jelly came into being were described. It was even possible to produce lumps of jelly that kept its frantic movement for a set amount of time and then settled in a predefined form (mostly geometric figures, but more complex shapes are also possible, although very expensive). After the discharge ends the shape is lost and an arbitrary amount of time is needed for it to be resumed again when the next discharge is applied. It is thought that even the simple lumps of jelly produced with no predefined shape can reach this stable state after enough time moving. No one has put in the time and money for such a prolonged experiment yet.
There were even a few tries to see if the thing was edible, ending in the description of the so-called 'jelly bowel' disease, nearly ending with the death of the test subject. After this the jelly was always produced with the smell of motor oil to discourage consumption.
Magic/Cursed Properties
The convenience of wobble jelly comes from the concentration of brute force in the movement caused by thaumic discharge. A container ending with a nozzle can be used to deliver the substance in a crack between the rocks in a mine, in the cog works of a machinery or even in a lock, with the final click releasing a short discharge from a battery attached to the container. The result is that rocks, cogs and pins are moved aside or broken by the hard 'punches' delivered by the moving jelly for the next few seconds. If the user wants to reuse the jelly (and the mine hasn't fell down around him by then) he has just to find the lump after it has reverted to its soft state again and suck it back into the container. Jelly with a predefined shape can even be used as art, by simply holding it in a sturdy enough container or on a surface, and applying a discharge when the solid-state shape is wanted.

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