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The Emergency Steam Injector is an 18-inch long metal pole about and 2-inches thick. There is a red button on one end, usually covered in glass that must be broken before the button can be pressed (for safety reasons). On the other end is a hole, you should take care to make sure this end is never pointed towards your face.

A relatively new item in Govenheim's tech sector. It was invented by Getherious Aetherwatt, an Mech-Arcanist of some notoriety. He created this useful tool by sealing a large amount of super-compressed steam in a metal tube and having a Ward Mage buddy of his weave some minor protective magics on it.

There were many failed attempts that found use in some other way. The most note-worthy of them are the Everlasting Heat Pipe and The Boiler Wand.

When the glass is broken and the button is pressed a large amount of steam is released. This is useful for giving a large boost of power to a small device, or a smaller boost to a larger device. Larger models of the Steam Rod for larger machines may be possible, but have not yet been attempted.

The Everlasting Heat Pipe is similar but the metal shaft is not magically cooled, causing it to be heated by the steam. Advanced versions use a knob on the end to adjust the temperature from hot to extremely hot.

And The Boiler Wand is a variant full of super-compressed boiling water.

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