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The Company Steamsword, when not *turned on* appears to be a well-padded sword hilt with a symbol of the De Madden Company on the pommel and a large hole where the blade should be. When twisted, however, there is a loud hissing sound and a foot long jet of steam shoots out of the hilt, one hot enough to at once cook any flesh that touches it.


This is one of the weapons that was designed by the scientists of the De Madden Company, to equip their divers with during the war against the Kraken States. The traditional cutlass was greatly slowed down by water resistance, whilst the short diving knife was not much good against the long, sucker lined tentacles of the Krakens.

This could cook any naked flesh that touched it. Whilst most useful against the naked Krakens, it could also scald through normal clothing and chainmail armour and could wound even those wearing plate armour, though it had a lesser effect. As such the Krakens could no longer find Company divers to be a good meal, as they risked having their tentacles cooked if they reached out to ensnare them.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The blade is composed of steam heated to 500 degrees Centigrade, created when a chemical created with thaumatechnology mixes with ordinary water, and works juast as well in water as on land.

No solid blade can parry it, on the minus side it cannot parry blows either, or cut through solid non-living objects such as prison bars. It also lasts only a short time, for only six minites, so a secondary weapon is advisable in a long fight. If the user is careful, he or she can use it to cook their food.

Lastly, the hissing when turned on means that it will attract any foes within earshot, so it is not best used as a weapon of stealth.

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