This cube is about 1 feet large, dark red in colour, with veins of both light and still darker red. It feels like wood, gives off no scent. A fine line indicates it is really openable, and a keyhole suggests in what way. No hinges are visible. If shaken, something can be felt to hit on the inside, but no sound is heard. If magic is detected for, it is there, but it cannot be made certain of what kind, and in what amount.

The box can be found anywhere, it can be given as a gift, it could be sold, stolen, whatever.

The box can not be opened. No usual or unusual way works. A key is not present, and no other will not work. Picking the lock is a nightmare for the thief, and some have really gone crazy trying to achieve this. No tool can force the lock, nor can any force even scratch the box at all. Indeed, it is likely the frustrated owner will throw it from a very high place one day, to find the damned box be in perfect condition. Its colour cannot be changed, nor its surface.

Just right, it cannot be opened.

Throughout the centuries, the box had countless owners, and many rumours and almost myths have arisen around it.

- It comes from the Devil (or substitute with other evil deity/demon/whatever). If you buy it, you must sell it for a smaller price, or you are horribly cursed/your soul belongs to him/you will die in a month/etc.

- It is a prison for a horrible demon/a pure being/powerful wizard/... Or it will simply end the world if it is ever opened. That's why it came into that dungeon...

- It is a godly gift, and the gods themselves will grant one wish to the mortal that manages to open it.

- A great heap of gold/the secret of immortality/the greatest diamond ever/the cure for all diseases is locked inside, awaiting the lucky one.

- A terrible disease is hidden in it, waiting to be released.

- The true king shall open the box, and find some royal insignia to confirm his claim on the throne.

Magical Properties:

The truth?

...and thus spoke the godly———- and the common ******* for a long time. But in time the mighty god was greatly annoyed by this low creature, and as found no other (non-violent...) way to get rid of him, he presented the box as a gift and puzzle, so he finds out how to open it, and then enjoys the gift. But they shall not speak again, until it happens.

(Or any prankster god will do.)

The Box is a godly artifact, indestructible and unopenable, unless you are a god yourself. It is empty.

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