What is a red herring, you ask? It has several meanings, according to the Wikipedia, here a few selected ones:
- in detective work, mystery fiction, and puzzle-solving, a false clue which leads investigators, readers, or solvers towards an incorrect solution
- in literature, a plot device intended to distract the reader from a more important event in the plot, usually a twist ending.
- in adventure games, an item or object of no practical use; its purpose may be to frustrate the gamer who tries to find the intended use for it.

Shortly, it is something that misleads you, and leads further from truth. Alas for the poor players and game characters, sometimes it is these plots that have the greatest attraction for the stressed Game Master. But fear not too much, they can be great fun even for others.

Feel free to add other plots (and Items, even NPCs) of this kind.

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