Most of you are probably wondering about this thread. It's title is a little vague. It is about super hero/ meta hero/ comic gaming.

I know this is a fantasy site. Yet we have science fiction posts, a few anime inspired ones, and a few horror ones as well. So why not metahero/ comics? There should not be a ton of them, but there should be a few. So I am creating this thread to house some interesting posts in the metaheroic genre.

This is a support thread. What I want here is organizations, meta-hero equipment, minor NPC, Extras, etc. I want things that will help in running a supers games.

When making a post for this codex, make sure to mark the kind of campaign it is used for, so people will not try to vote on it, as if it was for a general fantasy campaign.

Mostly, this is for supporting cast, all those other people in your campaign that help round out your super hero world. This is not a thread for characters, real superheroes or real villians, this is for all those other supers and normals that waunder through your world. They may just be 'color characters' in the background or they may have subplots associated with them. They can add a great deal to your campaign... after all every metahuman is not motivated to fight crime or powerful enough to be useful. And not every person a meta human might interact with is a meta. That leaves a lot of people to work out. (That is the point of the thread, so we can all share the burden of creating people)

Examples would be MetaHuman rights activists, homeless metahumans (who is invunerable, unable to sleep, and not needing to eat), a monster left over from some mad genius's scheme, the guy in the zoo with the ability to empathically communicate with animals (but is otherwise normal), lawyers who deal with meta crimes, that teenage superfan, a powerful telepath trapped in an insane asylum, and others who populate the background of a meta world.

Format for NPCs
Name - The title of the post normally
Roleplay Notes...
Plot Lines

Feel Free to join in.

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Hero Games

Champions Rocks

Silver Age Sentinel - got to love this game. I like tri-stat better than the D20 version, but they come a close 2nd to champions in my book.

Evil hat gets into the SAS act.

GreenRonin's SuperHero game site.

M&M uberfansite

Project Genesis

Articles, Forums, Forum Games, and more on this a one stop super hero site. The system emphasis is on Classic Marvel.

Super Hero Webring of varying quality.

Lots of gaming goodness

Comic Books resource's forum. You can go to for more

Free RPGs

Cool stuff mostly for M&M but not all of it

Additional Links

The Stuff Heroes are Made Of

Various names for supers

Homo Superior










P.I.s (Powered Individuals)*S*











K's (the name comes from 2k when they first appeared)



Zenos (for the zeno energy that empowers them)

Stomers (Since some kind of storm triggers their powers)




Preternaturals.or Prets' for short

X's For Extrodinary People

SPBs (superpowered beings),





1890's Wonders, coined by PT Barnum

World War I, Miracle Men, coined by Ernest Hemingway,

also refered to in the 'Miracle Men Prohibition' in

the Geneva Convention.

1920's-1930's Mystery Men

WWII, Ubermen and Freedom Fighters. Neither the Axis

or the Allies violated the Geneva Convention, which

prevented them from using superheroes on the front


1950's Science Heroes

1960's Mutants, Supers

1970's Freaks or Capes, Alpha-Americans, Big


1980's Cuppies (Caped Urban Professionals), coined by

People Magazine

1990's the number of Supers causes fragmented

identifiers, these terms include Legacies (Third

Generation Miracle Men), Bricks, Blasters, Speedsters,

Icons, Doppels, etc.

I think its key to understand that in any such world,

there would probably be two terms. The first is the

term used by the scientific community. The second is

the term used by the public, which would probably be

based upon the term from the scientific community. For

example, the scientific community might come up with

'exo-species' meaning an organism (not necessarily

human) with abilities and/or morphology that exceed

the normal limits for that species. Then the media

catches on and calls them 'exo' for short.

There are other possible permutations of course. One

is that, in a world where super-humans have been

around for millenia, then there would be a common term

(like 'nova') which is eventually incorporated by the

scientific community when they get around to the

taxonomy of supers (like 'Homo sapiens novensis'). Of

course the scientific community would lump aliens and

super-humans and androids and so on into one group.

The media would do that and either misuse the term for

super-humans to the entire group, or come up with a

larger suitcase term for all of them.

MoonHunter's Idea Dump

I have some NPCs I want to do for this thread. I will do them, eventually, honest I will. If not, take inspiration from them.

Lt. John Smith: Dirty Harry of the Meta Squad


Super Assassin is known to take out villians and criminals. She is the mayors liason to federal agencies.

Star Woman Reporter: Yah she is all that, but she is also a "kicker". She can catalyize meta genes into active state. (with training she could turn them off too). So while she has no power, people around her sometimes get them... if conditions are right.

John Sable: Freelance

Lizard Monster: He managed to escape the lab after surviving the freak accident. Now he is haunting the underground, coming topside on only the hottest nights.

Marrissa: Invisiable Touch yah.

Jacob Harrison: Editor. Older, fatter, balder, heart attack waiting to happen... likes super heroes.

Kubrick @Night Radio Guy. Radical Moderate, wants rationalism in the world. Use to run his radio station as a pirate, now very legit. Has his show syndicated.

EM doctors...

Metamedicine md... Rica Castro (cafe latte skin, dark hair, cowry shell necklace, no powers just smarts.


Ectencloth: This is a mentally responsive cloth. It can alter itself into pre-programed forms and if you have enough skill to any form you can imagine. However, the metamorphic property only works IF you have it in contact with your skin. So you have to carry your cool gear, but the costume can just appear.

BBS: There is one lurking out there where people who know better talk to each other. This one is for the Heroic Scene. There is one for more mercenary villians as well. Some people have log ons for both.

MoonHunters list of Supers Games with comments


Hero System, in all its editional glory, is still the premire supers game. It is a bit crunchy and does require some basic math skills, but you can play ANYTHING with it. For Supers, that is a total requirement. It supports every possible genre and subgenre of supers gaming, and then some (plus every other genre of gaming too). This puts it ahead of every other game which is either limited to one setting/subgenre or supports only one style of supers play.

Note: all the issues that you have heard about Hero completely disolve if you have a competent GM who understands that character creation is an important thing and players who are not dedicated to powergaming.

Note: I might play other games from time to time, but I always go back to Hero.

Superhero 2044

It is the first superhero game written and it so shows. It is messier than most circa mid 70s games. Get a copy just to be a "real gamer", but don't play it. And unless you can affort 1d6 san loss, don't read it or play it.

Villians and Vigilantees

Old School superhero gaming, but a lot of fun to play. It has "Traveller Effect", as the random character generation is almost more fun than playing the game. Twenty some years later, this is still playable.

Marvel Superheroes (SAGA)

This system was originally designed to bring in new gamers and created a game that serious gamers disliked. However, the rules were fast, fun, and easy to use. The Crunchiness level may take it over the top for some people.

Mavel Superheroes (Current)

Sigh. Nuff Said. I won't play it.

DC Heroes/ Blood of Heroes:

This was a great game. It made playing every kind of (DC) supers possible. Its flaws were the experience system and the character generation system. If you were running pre-genned characters from the DCU and only running for a little while, it was perfect. If not, it sucked. The system was ressurected as Blood of Heroes. Some rule changes make it better than the original, but still clunky in parts.

DC Universe

A D6 system which modified the basic and reasonably elegant D6 system used in Star Wars. It fixed most of the problems with the first DC game. However, it was as simple game released in a time of increased crunchiness and a time that supers were not popular. It did not do well.

Brave New World

This is an alternate history superheroes game. It is a low powered superhero game with lots of social and political ramifications. The powers come in specific low level templates. No variations. However for what it is, it is perfect. It is an incredible game with great source materials.

Silver Age Sentinels

This is the dX version I love, but the game itself works. It is clean, easy to use, and fast to teach. The source material for Silver Age gaming is practically worth the price of the book (and in the new edition, all the source material). It does get a little wierd in spots, but it is all around one of my favorite supers games.

Mutants and Masterminds

This is one of the best D20 variations ever. The New Edition is worth owning and playing. If your players won't learn a new system and play D20, you might get them to play this. It is still not as good as Champions or SAS, but it is a solid game.


Flashy, Complete, and totally GURPS. Combat is quirky and the supers system supports "their style" of play alone. (It is a style of more realistic, more Wild Cards stories, alternate comics style. It is not most people's cup of tea. But if it is, it does a wonderful job).


Yes, this is a supers game. However it is a supers game written by people who do not "get" supers and to fit a very specific nitch of story. It is not a supers game, but a game with cool powers. The mechanics work for what they are. If you like the angsty characters and world setting it is great.

Godsend Agenda

This is a good game that supports one setting (and it is very interesting). The system itself works well, but it is a one trick pony.


It is an intereseting game, but it, like Aberant, is a game written by people who don't get supers. The mechanics glitch in places, but the setting and background material rock.

Heroes Unlimited

Palladium's run at superheroes. It has all the advantages and disadvantages of Palladium games. So you will love it or hate it. It only supports a very specific play style and level type of supers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Best Palladium's supers game.

This was from a listing I made a while ago. I will add more as I get more games or remember things.

Citizen Prime

Because a true hero does not let reality stop him.

(In works)