Dr. Silverman is of an average build and height. Yes he works out or goes and does something 'outdoorsy' when his schedule and motivation cross, but mostly he is either at work, at home, or in class. He wears glasses for perfect vision, but can see well enough without them. His wavy black hair is staring to be streaked with grey prematurely. This all gives him an 'ageless' look, neither old, nor young, athletic or scholarly. He will probably have this 'air' about him for the rest of his life.

There are only about 100 real metaphysisiologists in the world, and Dr. Silverman in in the top 10 (usually number 8).

Metaphysiologists are those 'scientists' that study and work with metaforms with an emphasis on their biology. They act like doctors, researchers, and vets for odd and sometimes alien biologies of metaforms. ('I am a doctor, not a mason, but I will give it a try')

Mike has always been an above average student, getting by on hard work and a highly trained memory than brilliance. He did most of his medical training at Stanford, with some of his residency and his PHD at NYU (the most noted Meta-Studies program in the world). His quirkiness has served him well in the 'odd' world of Meta Studies. He is setting up a Metaphysiology program (meta medicine and meta biology) at the local university hospital (where of course there are metas and paranormals in the area). He decided to stay in the academic field, rather than work for the government or the nebulous foundations that support most of the metaphysiologists in the world. He has done some good work in the field and does a great job setting up the local program despite the minimal academic funding.

Being 'young', 'new' and in a unique field, he has been profiled in a number of local and national magazines. He has even been invited to a number of social events.

The Good Doctor is married to a lovely girl name Marrion, of the New York Westburgs. She is a little upset about being dragged away from the New York social scene, but is handling the change gracefully. They have a child on the way.

Dr. Mike, as he likes to be called by his students, nurses, and patients, has a long family history dealing with 'the strange'. His grandfather had a private practice that dealt with 'special people'. He was often flying around the country (in the 30s or 40s!) to deliver babies or consult on odd cases. He grew up on the man's odd stories and the occasional visit by a retired super being to the household. His father and older brother both are high ranking FBI men. They have also had their share of strange stories.

Unknown to Dr. Mike is that his Grandfather was the Original Blue Cowl, a mysteryman of some repute. His grandfather never broached the subject with his children, as he wanted to keep that 'weirdness' of his life somewhat separate from his family life. Given that he was the personal physician to a number of mysterymen and their secret identities, this seemed to be an odd stance. He gave up his active adventuring career soon after his son was born.

The only family member that knows it now is 'ArcAgent', Mike's brother. In his short career as an agency meta, ArcAgent has picked up an impressive list of person nemesis. Given his regenerative abilities, he never has needed his brother's services.

None at the moment. However, his Grandfather and Brother both were catalyzed as Mutates, so exposed to the right kinds of energies or hyperwave events, he will probably express abilities.

His family lines expresses towards Ubermen, great strength, speed, resilience, meta senses. His grandfather could fly, while his brother had electrical bursts and force shields.

Roleplay Notes...
He is actually quite friendly and personable. He treats creatures and other meta forms like people, a trait that has kept him alive in a couple of situations.

He appears to be a goofy academic type. He is trying so hard not to be a stodgy doctor/ clinician that he comes off comical. He is an below average comedian, but he keep telling jokes. He sings pop tunes from the last few decades in the lab (adequately). He has all the cool new tech toys. He has a myspace. He wants to be hip and with it, but really he isn't. He is a Mason too.

Plot Lines
*The Doctor will see you now.
Even metas get sick sometimes. Older supers will patronize Dr. Mike's clinic, because they know his Grandfather. This might bring younger heroes into contact with both Dr. Mike OR elder supers. 'You sick kid? Go see Dr Silverman's kid at the University Hospital, he will fix you up for cheap. '

*Top Men... Dr. Jones
He is the local resource for metaphysiology. The players might need to consult with him sometime on a case.

* Vengeance will be mine! Someone has figured out the Blue Cowl's secret and is going to take their grudge out on his grandson. Nobody will mention it.

*The Monster needs to be finished off!
At the end of the fight, people are talking about finishing off the monster, when Dr. Mike and his crew show up trying to save the thing.

* The Fight at the Ball
The social event of the season is disrupted by villains with specifically nasty attacks. Dr. Mike is right there by his wife to help bleeding supers.

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