For a Modern or Sci-Fi Game only, Supers is the best genre. This also works well for Urban Fantasy.

The Chandler Complex is an one of the newest buildings downtown in the city and one architectural marvel. It is a well designed piece filling nearly a small city block, chrome and green reflective glass. The thirty story complex contains some high end shopping (ten to twenty stores, nothing large on the first and part of the second floor), a Marriott run botique hotel (the next six floors), and office spaces (the remaining floors). The first eight floors are built around a large open air atrium. The Chandler Company brought in full sized trees with supporting undergrowth to fill it. (If you are having trouble visualizing, the stores and hotel rooms ring the atrium.) There is effectively a small park in the atrium, with paved paths and tranquil zen garden elements. The first eight levels have intergrated living plants: ivy, shaped trees, and various greens. In fact, the fire suppression system actually is used to water the plants. This natural feel is supported all through the building, even among the offices.

Unknown to most, the building has two full time inhabitants: Adel and Chandler II

Chandler II Description
A bank of black boxes in the subbasement and all IP network for the building. He has influence over any piece of electronics connected to the building. The building has a independent bluetooth network that he has access to.

In actuality, he is much more. He is a computer spirit, tied to his boxes much the way a dryad is tied to a tree. Yet unlike a dryad, the computer spirit can inhabit any empowered box (one with enough magical energy around it).

Adel knew there was a great deal of magic in the building, a mix of the old and the new, the artistic and the functional, the natural and the artificial. Crossroads are always places of power and where there is power, there is spirit.

Chandler was the name of the security system and IP system for the building. It was named after the architect who built the building and the system. He took the number 2, II, because he is the Junior Chandler.

Adel felt Chandler's existence long before he was "awake". Gifting a touch of magic, she brought him awake. Adel is teaching Chandler II about his responsibilities of being a spirit of place, and Chandler is teaching her about the world and technology. The two are good friends.

Super level Hacking abilities

Ability to control any electronic device hooked into his networks.

Awareness of events that occur around the computers in his building.

Roleplay Notes
Chandler II is a very serious and uptight child prodigy. (IN fact, he and Chandler I have that much in common, except Chandler I has had 30 years to work on those issues.) He likes people who like his building and like technology. He will also help the people in his buildings do their work, like a little brownie who makes shoes for the cobbler. Anyone who threatens his building he will not be tolerated.

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