As a superhero or mutant, you have gained the power to:

  1. Run twice as fast when naked
  2. Make any candle burn with the power of two lumens
  3. Know the full ancestry and family history of a person you don't know
  4. Know whether a plane will crash after it has taken off
  5. Change your ears to any shape imaginable
  6. Teleport - but only to work
  7. Time travel - but only to next Monday.
  8. Accurately predict the score of any amateur mini-golf match
  9. Predict the last three finishers of any horse race
  10. Make anything taste like garlic
  11. Gain control over one atom at a time
  12. Change the message in anyone's fortune cookie
  13. Change wine to water
  14. Change silver to lead and gold to tungsten
  15. Become completely nonbouyant
  16. Increase or decrease the temperature of a room by 5 degrees
  17. Make one other person believe that they have super powers
  18. Instantly identify the source of any smell
  19. Sweat Gatorade
  20. Instantly gain as much weight as you like (you still have to work it off)
  21. Make yourself invisible to one person at a time
  22. Talk to pigeons
  23. Hear what dogs are saying, but be unable to speak back
  24. Turn any carpet to shag
  25. Grow a tail (it has to be cut off)
  26. Get a song stuck in someone else's head
  27. Make anyone say an inappropriate word by pointing at them
  28. Locking eyes with someone for a few seconds will cause them to urinate uncontrollably
  29. Change anyone's keyboard layout to DVORAK
  30. Make anyone .5 inches taller or shorter, but only when concentrating on that person
  31. Give anyone an ice-cream headache
  32. Excrete a pheromone that makes you utterly repulsive to members of the opposite gender
  33. Speak puns in any language
  34. Always know the location of the nearest public restroom
  35. Emit a weak radioactive field
  36. Bend all your joints backwards
  37. Observe someone else's dreams
  38. Use your saliva as a weak glue
  39. Rearrange your facial features
  40. Re-size any clothing to fit you perfectly
  41. Make anything smell like wet dog
  42. Slightly increase the effect of gravity around you
  43. Make yourself test positive for any drug
  44. Perfectly imitate the sounds from a modem, car alarm and microwave
  45. Know your enemy's biggest personality flaw
  46. Make any stain permanent
  47. Infuse water with the scent of  pineapple
  48. The ability to predict the results of any game played on a Tuesday
  49. Attract lighting strikes
  50. Increase someone's blood alcohol content through kissing
  51. Forget the past hour of your life at will
  52. Always land on your feet
  53. Instantly turn milk to yogurt
  54. Make your own hands super slippery
  55. Know the middle name of anyone you encounter
  56. Decrease the denomination of any bill by touching it
  57. Run as quickly backwards as you can forwards
  58. Make any liquid instantly become room temperature
  59. Make a sound that will attract every cat within a half mile radius
  60. Force all your body hair - including that on your head - to fall off at once
  61. Drink salt water safely
  62. Always remember if you're forgetting something
  63. Always know where true North is
  64. Predict to the minute the next rainfall
  65. Always look like the wind is blowing through your hair, even indoors
  66. Change the color of your urine
  67. Transform into a minnow
  68. Know if someone is watching you
  69. Remember anything you read, but only for a day
  70. Sprout daisies under your feet as you walk
  71. Piss weak beer
  72. Teleport one inch in any direction
  73. Flap your arms so fast you can hover for up to five seconds
  74. Set your own hair on fire
  75. Shed your skin like a snake
  76. Slow time down, but only for yourself
  77. Jump twice as high as a normal person
  78. Grow feathers in place of hair
  79. Predict any coin flip, as long as you've touched the coin first
  80. Create a two square foot spot of shade
  81. Glow in the dark like a glowstick
  82. Fill a room with confetti
  83. Un-salt food.
  84. Make any pillow explode in a burst of stuffing
  85. Fart rainbows
  86. Make others taste a nasty aftertaste
  87. Make soda go flat with a touch
  88. Puff muscles up with air/water to make them look bigger
  89. Know what color underwear any person was wearing yesterday
  90. Redirect the glare of the sun with your hand like a mirror
  91. Make a clock run backwards (not time, just the clock)
  92. Create a Marilyn Monroe upskirt wind at will (with effort can cause cape flapping breeze for effect)
  93. Extend belly to beyond largest pregnant size
  94. Hear radio frequencies in your head
  95. Pour a cup of water from finger daily
  96. Make someone feel pins and needles in their limbs while concentrating on them hard enough
  97. Know what someone wants the instant before they do (only trivial things, though)
  98. Use your dandruff as a mild sedative
  99. Control one frog at a time
  100. Make plants grow slightly faster by singing lullabyes to them
  101. Cry Tobasco sauce
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102: Can conjure a single thumbtack per day

103: Make perfect paper airplanes, every time.

104: Change Raisin cookies to chocolate chip cookies

105: Can tell the BPM of any song playing.

106: Your saliva acts as saline solution

107: The roof of your mouth is bulletproof

108: Actually know the song someone is thinking of when they say 'You know, it's that one song .. that goes ... '

109: Cure headaches by slapping people's foreheads.

110: Know the combination to anyone's high school locker once they are no long in high school.

111: Bleed Ketchup (He's faking! It's just ketchup! Shoot him again!)

112: Correct eyeglass prescriptions with your bare hands. (still need to know what prescription they need...)

113: Sing with your mouth closed/full

114: Always find exact change for the bus one minute before it arrives at the bus stop.

115: Inflate anything to the correct pressure by blowing on it one time. Balloons, footballs, bike tires, weather balloons, Big Rig Tires, bounce houses, etc ...

116: knowing your velocity.