For a Modern or Pulp Game.

The Archimedes Council is an organization of academic and business concerns (with a few fringish groups) that are in 'The Business of The Future'. The council sponsors 'think tanks' that deal with future developments and the impact of new technologies on existing institutions, new lines of research, sponsors a number of venture capital groups, and supports several Political Action Committees. It is also a 'partner' with various other groups, like the DaVinci Institute, The Hildago Conservation and Exploration funds (and related Hildago Technology Farms and Empire Hospitals), and The Edison Group. (Though in many of these cases, these groups are nothing but puppets of the Archimedes Council).

The Players will be encountering this group on a regular basis if they are dealing with technology, techno research and business. It seems fairly above the board, though some of the business members on the council's board might have some questionable issues.

Underneath all of this is a small cabal of people, who are utilizing technology and technological growth to dominate the course of society and history to their ideological liking. They want to create a society with freedoms and lack of material wants with ubiquitous technologies monitoring the security and providing the goods. These people want space technology, sea habitats, general improvement of humanity, and a clean ecology. Sure these people will be making a lot of money along the way, but the society proposed is the best for everyone (and what is good for people, will eventually be good for the corporations).

What they are doing ninety nine percent of the time is not illegal. Their cabal does arrange for the occasional theft, illegal research facility, meta/zeno search, and a few things that supers will encounter. When investigated, these projects will just seem like 'things that got out of hand' or where 'mis represented' when they were funded by the Archimedes council or one of their proxies.

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